We are proud to share that Lindsay Bolme, CNA of Bethany Center for Rehabilitation and Healing, has been chosen as the first 2017-2018 Professional of the Quarter!

Joining the Bethany Center family in January 2017, Bolme began her healthcare journey as a home health aide, taking care of her grandmother. “I figured out that I loved it! I’m actually enrolled in school now to become an RN. Bethany Center is the first facility I’ve worked in, and I like the routine and camaraderie with my team members.”

She continued, “I love to connect with my residents; there’s so much personality here. I always come in and like to check on everyone. I always make sure that any concerns a resident has are communicated about; I try to make an impact.”

When Bolme learned that she was Professional of the Quarter, she shared she was surprised: “I was shocked and honored! I had no idea, I was so thankful. It’s gratifying to make an impact; the people here are so special. I love to let people know they are loved and that I am here for my residents. I love to make their eyes light up and smile!”

Bolme is the first of four professional-of-the-quarters, who will then be in the running for the 2018 CareRite Centers Professional of the Year.

Lindsay Bolme, you are #TheCareRiteDifference!