Patients Age: 91
Admission Date: 10/9/17
Admitted From: Hudson Valley Hospital Center
Discharge Date: 12/24/17
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 76 days
Reason for Stay: Femoral fracture on the left leg
How did this patient hear about Cortlandt Healthcare? Caseworker at Hudson Valley Hospital

Details of Experience:

Upon arrival, Joseph S. was admitted into Cortlandt Healthcare with a femoral fracture to his left leg, he had a history of falling, muscle weakness, and difficulty walking. Joseph S. had baseline strength of only ambulating 150 feet with a contact assist and had an antalgic gait pattern. Over the course of the next two and a half months he was able to improve his gait and ambulate up to 250 feet with a stand by assist! Throughout Joseph’s stay, therapy noted that he demonstrated excellent rehabilitation potential and had a strong family base and support, which he could use as motivation to participate in his therapy.

Once those goals were met and completed, it was time to move on to the car transfer to ensure the best and safest discharge home for Joseph. The initial evaluation, Joseph was able get in the car with assistance. Two weeks later, Joseph was able get in and out and able to complete a safe car transfer on his own! Throughout his therapy, Joseph facilitated independence in all of his self tasks such as getting dressed, bathing techniques, dressing techniques, and overall hygiene and grooming techniques. Joseph resided in Cortlandt’s grand King Suit and shared, “the room is absolutely beautiful!”

Joseph also spoke about his experience and shared, “everyone in therapy is so kind, considerate, and professional. I am very impressed with everyone! Everyone has been exceptional! Overall, I would have to say my experience was excellent and very satisfying!”