Patients Age: 79
Admission Date: 10/10/17
Admitted From: Nyack Hospital
Discharge Date: 12/27/17
Discharged To: Assisted living
Length of Stay: 78 Days
Reason for Stay: Multiple fractures of ribs, muscle weakness, and hypertension
How did this patient hear about Ramapo Manor? Past patient

Details of Experience:

Sandy was admitted to The Willows at Ramapo on 10/10/17 from Nyack Hospital for short term rehabilitation after she had a fall at home. She was admitted with a diagnosis of multiple fractures of the ribs, muscle weakness, and hypertension. When she arrived at The Willows, her goal was to work hard and return back home safely to her former lifestyle and functioning level.

Sandy participated in Occupational, Physical, and Respiratory Therapy during her stay here at The Willows. When Sandy first arrived, she was on supplemental oxygen whenever she felt she Needed further support. In addition, she was required to use the oxygen throughout her therapy sessions.

Sandy worked hard on different breathing exercises, energy conservation tips, and focused on being able to be weaned completely off oxygen. Due to her fall and hospital stay she had very low exercise tolerance and needed to break frequently during therapy due to fatigue. Sandy worked very hard and enjoyed all her therapy sessions. She was able to make progress and meet her goals from week to week. Sandy not only came to therapy and worked hard but through her humor and energetic and outgoing personality, she was able to draw other therapists and patient to work harder and make therapy fun. Sandy made many friends with other residents and staff here she even lead a group of patients to sing Christmas Carols while working down in the rehabilitation gym. She definitely made the most out of her stay here not only physically but also personally.

As her time was ending here and she reached all her rehab goals, Sandy was accepted into a neighboring assisted living. As her discharge date neared she was excited to move on, but she found herself increasingly sad about having to leave The Willows. She shared that she was going to miss all the people she loved here. She enjoyed her time very much and truly was going to miss all the staff that made her feel special and like family during her stay here at The Willows. We were honored to have her stay with us and are all going to miss her.