Patient’s Name: Edward Ginty
Patient’s Age: 80
Initial Admission Date: 11/2/17
Admitted From: Kessler Rehabilitation Center
Discharge Date: 1/28/18
Discharged To: Plan is to go home
Length of Stay: 87 Days
Reason for Stay: Diagnosis of right hip fracture
How did this patient hear about Chatham Hills? Referral from the Social Worker at
Morristown Medical Center.

Details of Experience:

Mr. Ed Ginty was admitted to Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center from Kessler Acute Rehabilitation Center on November 2, 2017. Ed was admitted with a diagnosis of a right hip fracture. Upon arrival to Chatham Hills, Ed was greeted by our Nursing team, Rehab team, Concierge and Social Worker.

Prior to being admitted to Chatham Hills, Ed had a very complicated hospital course. On August 19, Ed underwent revision of a right total hip replacement. After about a month in the hospital, he was then discharged to Kessler Rehabilitation Center. He was shortly readmitted to Morristown Medical Center on September 11 in intensive care with acute renal insufficiency with septic shock secondary to MRSA infection. Ed was then transferred to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital for surgery due to retinal detachment. After being discharged from Columbia Presbyterian, he was transferred back to Kessler for continuing rehabilitation and now is a Patient at Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center for continued therapy to be able to return to his prior level of function.

After Ed’s complicated hospital course, he was a little discouraged wondering when he would get back to his life prior to the complications. He stated, “a couple days of recovering turned into 8 months.” He did not have the best experiences at the places that he had gone to. When Ed first arrived to Chatham Hills for rehabilitation, he needed maximum assistance with his usually independent daily routines. He was only able to ambulate up to 75 feet with
minimum assistance with a rolling walker. Throughout his therapy sessions, he worked on strength training, walking and participated in activities that challenged his balance. His therapists had to educate him on use of adaptive equipment to perform dressing tasks independently. With practice, he was able to get ready in the morning by himself. He continued to progress in therapy so much that upon arrival of his discharge date, he was able to ambulate
over 225 feet! He is now able to achieve modified independence using a rolling walker and occasional stand by assist. As Ed stated, “The therapists I have here I found were really helpful. My stay here was very very good. All the physical and occupational therapists are great! The nurses I had were like sisters and the aides were great, too. Everything here couldn’t have been nicer.”

Ed has been making tremendous progress during his time spent at Chatham Hills. He has a discharge date for Sunday, January 28, 2018. He has a very supportive family who is also eager to have him home. It’s been a long time coming and team Chatham Hills couldn’t be happier in congratulating Ed for his recovery from a long journey!