Patients Age: 57
Admission Date: 12/8/17
Admitted From: Montefiore Medical Center
Discharge Date: 2/1/1
Discharged To: Community
Length of Stay: 5 weeks
Reason for Stay: General deconditioning due to adult failure to thrive, chronic kidney disease, History of subdural hemorrhage resulting in traumatic brain injury
How did Patient hear about The Enclave at Port Chester? Hospital Case Manager

Details of Experience:

Phil was admitted to The Enclave at Port Chester Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on December 8th, 2017 from Montefiore Medical Center where he was warmly greeted by the interdisciplinary team, including the nurses, therapists, and doctor. With a history of subdural hemorrhage resulting in hemiplegia and hemiparesis as well as chronic kidney disease, Phil was deconditioned and no longer had the strength to care for himself. The nursing and therapy teams were eager to get Phil back to his independent self.
Upon admission, Phil was assessed as requiring moderate assist of one for dressing and hygiene. Due to extensive pain in his left ankle, an 8/10 on the pain scale, he was severely limited with mobility and transfers, requiring use of a wheelchair. His physical therapist, Tim, recognized his desire to get back home and that carefully working to improve strength and endurance would help to ensure progress notwithstanding the pain.

After three weeks, Phil had passed the initial short term goals set for him. He could walk 60 feet with contact guard assist on level surfaces and could perform transfers with standby assist. He had also made great strides in occupational therapy, being able to dress himself under supervision and he could perform functional mobility during adl’s while using an assistive device. Climbing steps would be the next high bar for him to achieve in order to be able to get into his house. With the steady progress and encouragement from the staff, Phil was excited to take on the next challenge.

On February 1st 2018, Phil was discharged back to the community, a rejuvenated person with a new outlook on life. The pain had largely subsided and he had been trained to function with whatever pain remained. His static standing without a supportive device was over ten minutes, he could climb the twelve stairs needed to get into his apartment and he could walk over 150 feet independently. Phil had also regained the confidence and drive to care for himself, performing all adl’s independently, including hygiene and dressing. The staff was happy to see Phil going back home a completely invigorated person.