Patients Age: 50
Admitted From: St. Charles Hospital
Discharge to: Home
Length of stay: 100 days
Reason: Bladder Infection and Pressure Ulcers
How did the patient hear about St. James: Social Worker at St. Charles Hospital

Nelson Mandela once said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” This is the encouragement we implement everyday here at St. James Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center. We treat every patient as a success story, helping and supporting all our patients achieve the therapeutic goals they set. We pride ourselves on the individual care and treatment we offer to each patient. Many conditions and ailments can be mild physical challenges, while others can endure a stressful more complex challenge. However, each individual patient is faced with a unique case.

Mr. Thomas Sheldrick has faced many obstacles in his life. When he was born, he was diagnosed with Spina bifida, a birth defect in which a developing baby’s spinal cord fails to develop properly. He is a man that has gone through ups and downs in his life, but never once let his disability affect what he can achieve. He is a man who has hopes and dreams, and accomplishing them one day at a time. Mr. Sheldrick has obtained a stable home for himself, as well as an outstanding education as a paralegal.

Mr. Sheldrick has been in and out of St. James Rehabilitation and healing since February 1, 2016. Each time Mr. Sheldrick has endured a medical situation, he has been a loyal patient to St. Charles Hospital located in Port Jefferson, New York. Thomas stated, “I have been in and out of rehabilitations since before 2016 and each rehab has had their ups and downs, but St. James Rehabilitation has been the best for my health and that is the reason why I keep coming back.” When Mr. Sheldrick came to St. James, He had many different medical problems apart from Spina bifida. He suffered from several Kidney Stones, GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease), Many Urinary Bladder Infections, along with Cellulitis, and Pressure Ulcers. After many successful specialist visits, each physician has recommended to Mr. Sheldrick to continue rehabilitation.

Mr. Sheldrick always had a dream of one day being able to walk. But he never allowed the disability to over come him. Instead Tom knew he had to be realistic about his life and his disability. So his medical goals while in St. James were to get himself to heal mentally and physically and while undergoing therapy he wanted to gain his upper body strengths. His goal is to one day get him self back behind the wheel of a car, one day find a stable job, and one day to maintain his healthy life style. “Always taking it one day at a time.”

While in our care, Mr. Sheldrick was warmly greeted by multiple professionals of Team St. James whom anticipated his arrival. Within his first 24 hours, he was greeted by his clinicians, therapist, physicians, administrative staff, and other valued members of the team to welcome him and answer any questions he may have had. His Physical therapist, Anthony, and occupational therapist, April, began his therapy program at bedside to evaluate his current state of health and mobility in conjunction with his most recent therapy/clinical notes from St. Charles Hospital.

This time around Mr. Sheldrick knew it would be different for him; he has achieved continued success in each assigned task. Mr. Sheldrick wanted to share his experience while at St. James, “Words cannot describe the ambition, drive, and support that St. James has provided me. From Anthony, my physical therapist, who treated me like a brother, or my occupational therapist, April, who was so kind and sweet. You both were truly outstanding with always pushing me to my fullest potential. To my nurses of St. James, thank you for taking such great care of me, always watching out for me and making sure I was getting the best care. Thank you to my aides, especially Kay, who always entered my room with an upbeat vibe and positive thoughts, making me feel like I can take over the world. Christina, St. James Concierge Director, every time she is around she’s always so helpful even if it’s just an ear for you to talk to. The team here works so well together and they all have the goal of helping their patients become healthy again. For that I thank you, you have always made this an enjoyable and well-respected experience.”

Mr. Thomas Sheldrick will be discharged home to celebrate the month to come with his family. Upon discharge, he has gained muscle and has been maintaining his good health. The Case Management team at St. James also arranged for Thomas to receive continued clinical support while in his own home. Team St. James is thrilled for Thomas and the incredible strides he achieved while under our care. We wish him nothing but the best and a continued happy and healthy 2018!