Patients Age: 82
Admission Date: 3/2/2018
Admitted From: Mount Sinai West Hospital
Discharge Date: 3/29/2018
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 27 days
Reason for Stay: Short Term Rehabilitation
How did this patient hear about the Riverside? Hospital Social Worker

Details of Experience:

Mr. Mirambell was admitted to The Riverside on the second of March 2018 from Mount Sinai Hospital with a diagnosis of severe aortic stenosis with shortness of breath, heart failure due to a valvular disease and a history of prostate cancer 10 years ago.

At the hospital, Mr. Mirambell underwent intense aortic valve replacement surgery.
After 11 days of recovery at the hospital, Mr. Mirambell was transferred to The Riverside for Short Term Rehab. From the moment he arrived at The Community, he felt right at home. Mr. Mirambell shared “immediately, it was like night and day! I had not eaten well at the hospital and being that I lost a lot of blood, I became anemic. At the hospital they tried their best to convince me to eat but I just couldn’t, however when I came to The Riverside that all changed. The food was delicious! I ate everything off my plate!”

At the time of admission to The Riverside, Mr. Mirambell required assistance with his daily activities such as getting dressed and using the bathroom. His ability to ambulate was limited to 50 feet with a walker. He shared that he was only able to walk a half a flight of stairs before he had to stop to catch his breath. His therapist here at The Riverside shared that he was extremely motivated to participate in therapy however his tolerance for physical activity was low due to his current condition. Mr. Mirambel was determined, regardless of his condition; he will give it his all so he can return home safely. At the start of his therapy, he required frequent rest periods, even requiring oxygen from time-to-time. This prevented him from being able to use the beautiful Riverside Central Park gymnasium; however, his therapists adapted to his physical needs and commenced therapy on the unit. His dedicated therapists spent time educating Mr. Mirambel in deep breathing exercises to help improve his endurance. Above all this, Mr. Mirabell shared “I was having trouble sleeping. When my therapists would come pick me up for rehab, I would tell them I am too tired. Thankfully with the help of the amazing nursing staff, I was able to get my sleep under control.” My therapists took me step-by-step until I was able to make my way up to the gym which is beautiful!” Throughout his stay, Mr. Mirabell received daily visits from a member of the concierge team ensuring all of his needs and requests were met. He always shared how he enjoyed all the attention he received.

Just a few weeks later, on the 29th of March, Mr. Mirambell was discharged from The Riverside back to his home in Brooklyn.
At this time, he is completely independent for his activities of daily life and is able to walk over 200 feet with a rollator. In addition, he maintains proper oxygen levels on his own.

He shared; “I feel like a different person right now! When I first came I was unable to perform any of my activities or therapy and now I feel great. My CNA was excellent! She was patient and kind all along.”
The enormous smile on his face as he walked confidently and independently, though the front doors of The Riverside back to the streets of New York City do not tell a lie. Renewal definitely happens here at The Riverside.