Patients Age: 75
Admission Date: 3/7/2018
Discharge To: Mercy Medical Center
Discharge Date: 5/1/2018
Length of Stay: 54 Days
Reason for Stay: Cerebral Infarction, Rhabdomyolysis, Anemia, Acute Ischemic Heart Disease and Generalized Weakness.
How did patient hear about the Grand Pavilion?:

Details of Experience:

Mr. Gayin Wai was admitted to The Grand Pavilion from Mercy Medical Center on March 7th, 2018. Mr. Wai was experiencing post right thalamic ICH with left-sided hemiparesis. My first impression of Gayin was very positive. Although he was very weak, he had a positive outlook and was only looking forward towards recovery.

In regard to Mr. Wai’s Rehabilitation status, he was experiencing left side neglect, impaired balance, decreased strength, decreased functional activity tolerance and endurance, and required maximum assistance with ADLs. The goal of OT was to increase his independence and safety during ADLs. Gayin was also exhibiting difficulty with bed mobility tasks, performing transfers and had reduced range of motion on left upper extremity. It was the goal of PT to increase independence with gait, promote safety awareness, facilitate motor control, improve dynamic balance to minimize falls, and increase functional activity tolerance. Gayin shared at the time that his goal is simply, “to return home safely”. Gayin would enjoy activities such as paint therapy and our musical events.

Mr. Wai worked hard at positioning maneuvers, proper body mechanics, safe transfer techniques and safety precautions. He was encouraged to use his left arm during functional activities, hip abductions, and adductions, as well as hamstring curls. His standing exercises consisted of sidestepping and calf raisings. In only a month’s time, he was making tremendous strides in improving and was ambulating 120 feet with standby assistance, with a quad cane.

I was excited to sit down with Gayin well into his Rehab journey. He kept telling me how excited he was to get back to his own place. He was extremely satisfied with both the Nursing and Rehabilitation care he received here at The Grand Pavilion. Gayin and I shared a great connection. We successfully worked as a team and we are honored to have a hand in giving him the best experience possible. We are delighted to see him regain his independence and to be able to return home safely.