88-year-old, Clara, was admitted to Jupiter Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center in March of this year following a TIA (transient ischemic attack). She also arrived with a wound to her lower leg that inhibited her independence, including decreased strength and increased weakness. Occupational and physical therapy, as well as wound care, was prescribed to assist Clara reach her goal of becoming Independent.

In the next six weeks, Clara worked daily with multiple therapists in assisting her with all daily activities including dressing herself, transferring from her bed to her wheelchair, standing up to use her walker, and getting herself to and from the restroom as needed. Upon admission, she was functioning at a level that required maximum assistance with all activity. She has progressed in exercises with our physical therapist in the gym daily and become more independent with each walk that was taken. Clara was always enthusiastic about her treatments because “it was the only way she was going to get home to her grandson.” Present day, Clara is able to do her activities of daily living exercises and walking with her walker at a level that requires only supervised assistance, her balance, strength, and coordination maximally improved during her stay.

Clara loves going to church and is looking forward to reuniting with her church family. Clara enjoys playing card games at home with her grandson. She stated that they sometimes play for hours laughing and talking about current events! Clara has one daughter and two grandsons and six great grandchildren. Clara shared that she is looking forward to being home in her backyard watching her great grandchildren play basketball. During Clara’s stay here, her family came to visit her as well as called to check on her which helped with keeping her motivated to complete Physical Therapy. Although we are sad to see her go, we are thrilled that she achieved her goal of returning home with her family. We wish Ms. Simmons the very best from all of us here at Jupiter Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center.