Patients Age: 95
Admission Date: 4/30/18
Admitted From: Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn
Discharge Date: 5/20/18
Discharged To: Assisted Living
Length of Stay: 20 Days
Reason for Stay: Shortness of breath and lower extremity swelling
How did this patient hear about Ramapo Manor? His family lives in Rockland and wanted him to stay here.

Details of Experience:

Robert is a 95-year-old male that came to The Willows at Ramapo on the 30th of April, after being at Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn. Robert was admitted to The Willows for subacute rehabilitation with a diagnosis of shortness of breath and lower extremity swelling. He has had a prior diagnosis of chronic heart failure and hypertension. Roberts’s goal was to make sure he was out in 21 days. He wished to return back to his Assisted Living where he resides.

Robert arrived at The Willows on continuous supplemental oxygen. He had low exercise tolerance and was easily fatigued. He was only able to walk approximately 25 ft with moderate assistance from staff. Upon his admission, he was evaluated by physical, occupational, and pulmonary therapists to begin his journey. After he was evaluated a therapy plan and goals were set and put into place.

Robert had a goal and he intended to meet it. His first couple of days he worked with Physical Therapy extensively for his ambulation. He started out walking 25 ft with frequent shortness of breath and fatigue. With daily walking and leg strengthening exercises, he was able to work his way up to 124 ft with stand by assist. Additionally, he wanted to focus on weaning off the supplemental oxygen. He needed continuous oxygen, especially during exercise and activities. Having to carry around an oxygen tank daily made his day-to-day living difficult and took away part of his independence. Therefore, a focus was especially put on breathing and upper body exercises.

Robert met one of his goals by being weaned off the supplemental oxygen. He was thrilled that he had met one of his goals in such a short period of time, it motivated him to continue working on his transfers, and sit to stands exercises, to help facilitate a more stable independence. Robert’s last week here at The Willows improved day-to-day; in the end he was able to perform transfers with just a stand by assist.

Robert was an avid reader and enjoyed discussing his hobby of skeet shooting. He also enjoyed spending time with his family who made frequent daily visits. He found support and encouragement in his close relationship with his family. Upon discharge Robert was able to achieve both of his goals. He was able to leave with all the tools and skills for a successful return back to his Assisted Living!