Patients Age: 75
Admission Date: 5/15/18
Admitted From: Hudson Valley Hospital Center
Discharge Date: 8/3/18
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 80 days
Reason for Stay: Atrial Flutter
How did this patient hear about Cortlandt Healthcare? Hudson Valley Hospital Center

Details of Experience:

Mr. E. Macdonald came to Cortlandt Healthcare in mid-May seeking rehabilitation services after recent difficulties that led him to Hudson Valley Hospital Center. After given choices of where he would like to get therapy from, Mr. Macdonald and his family chose to come to Cortlandt Healthcare! Upon arrival, Mr. Macdonald was greeted by all disciplines of staff members from nursing, therapy, and social services. Mr. Macdonald was also welcomed by his very own concierge to help him feel more confident during his stay.

During Mr. Macdonald’s initial days at Cortlandt Healthcare, he was evaluated by the rehabilitation team, and together determined short and long-term goals to achieve during his stay. Some of the goals that were made included the increase in standing with appropriate balance, being able to confidently perform ADL’s (Activities for Daily Living), being able to walk over a certain distance, and lastly be able to go up and down the stairs with good balance. In order to achieve these goals, it was determined that Mr. Macdonald would get his rehabilitation sessions six days a week for the length of his stay.

Upon evaluation from the rehabilitation staff, it was determined that Mr. Macdonald was very weak. He was only able to ambulate a total distance of 100 feet, with the wheelchair following behind. Performing his ADL’s support was close by, due to his balance not being on par. However, after some strength exercises and constant determination, Mr. Macdonald was able to ambulate 200 feet with a rolling walker, then 250 feet with a quad cane, and finally graduated with walking 300 plus feet with a traditional cane! Mr. Macdonald shared with therapy, “I want to be able to get stronger, so I can go home!”
Continuing his exercises, Mr. Macdonald’s next goal was the stairs. Initially, he was only able to negotiate two, five-inch steps with both hands on the handrail. Over the next couple of weeks, Mr. Macdonald was able to overcome five steps, then ten steps, and then finally graduated with being able to negotiate 16 steps with little support from the handrail! Lastly, Mr. Macdonald was reevaluated for his balance and overall strength. At first, he scored 10 out of 28, but shortly after getting motivated and eager to get stronger, he gained a score of 18 out of 28, and graduated with a score of 26 out of 28! Mr. Macdonald successfully completed and concurred with all of the goals he and the rehabilitation team initially set!

When asked about his experience at Cortlandt Healthcare, Mr. Macdonald had this to share, “The staff was very good to me! The food was very good as well and what I liked about it was the fact that I was able to have choices of my meals and the menu provided a lot of alternatives! The housekeepers do a great job at making sure the place is kept clean and everything was exceptional. I think I did very well in therapy. I see myself as an impatient person, and they taught me how to be more patient and really understand my exercises. The physical therapy was done very thoroughly, and the staff was very helpful and willing to explain each exercise to me and the purpose of it. Overall, the nursing staff and rehabilitation team were excellent!”