Patients Age: 71
Admission Date: 3/29/18
Admitted From: Nyack Hospital
Discharge Date: 7/6/18
Discharged To: Group Home
Length of Stay: 99 Days
Reason for Stay: Fracture of the right ankle
How did this patient hear about Willows at Ramapo? From her group home.

Details of Experience:

Ann is a 71-year-old female with a diagnosis of a fracture of the right ankle, pneumonia, hypertension, Gastro-Esophageal Reflux, mentally challenges, and blindness. Ann was admitted to The Willows on March 29th, 2018, for her right ankle fracture. Ann was non-weight bearing on her right leg at the time of admission. Due to her pneumonia and inactivity, she was on continuous oxygen at two liters.

Upon admission, Ann was evaluated by therapy where a plan and goals were formed to get her back to her group home where she previously resided. Many challenges were faced during therapy due to her challenges and blindness. These challenges were considered when treating her in therapy. One of the keys to a productive therapy session was keeping the same familiar staff every day in her therapy sessions. Therapy needed to build a trusting relationship with Ann in order to engage her in productive exercises and activity. In addition, we used humor, music, and extensive verbal reinforcements to get positive and productive results. As Ann had her cast taken off and a boot was put on, we began to see a big turn in a positive direction. After that, she began walking more frequently and farther with less hindrance.

We were also able to work on transfers and standing tolerance. During this time, we were able to begin to wean her off the oxygen and eventually be able to do all activities and exercise on room air. As her leg healed we were able to do therapy without a walking boot. With her ambulation unimpeded we were able to do more activities and exercises including bed transfers, extended standing exercises, and longer distances with ambulation with a rolling walker. Challenges were still there with behaviors but by this time we had learned how to de-escalate behaviors. As her discharge date came closer we began working alongside the staff from her group home to work on Van transfers and establish her current levels, so she could have a safe and productive return back to her group home.

In her time here at The Willows, we were able to achieve her goals despite the hurdles of working with all the difficulties that come along with her diagnosis. The daily relationship built with her and all her therapists helped her feel more comfortable and trusting as a result of getting the most out of her and help her achieve her goals.

We all here at The Willows enjoyed working with Ann and wish her a safe return back home!