Billy Warrick was admitted to the hospital in January of 2018 due to loss of movement in his feet and legs; he could not walk or stand. When the doctors analyzed him, they diagnosed him with an infection that had spread throughout his bloodstream. He was then treated for the infection and sent here, to Quality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing.

The beginning of an individual’s recovery journey can be daunting. Billy was upset with his situation, which can be expected, but we knew that he was in the right place. He laid in his bed most of the day and would sometimes get up in his wheelchair and sit in the lobby. Billy was having a difficult time coming to terms with his rehabilitation journey; the physical therapists couldn’t get him to fully corporate in therapy.

However, one night while Billy was lying in bed, he said, “you know what, I want to go home, I’m going to fight this!”

From that next morning on, everyone here at Quality has seen a remarkable turn over for Billy! He became more positive, happy, and excited about therapy! He started participating in group gatherings with our other residents. He became very dedicated to his therapy and loves going now, he goes three times a week. He is more involved with employees and everyone has formed a relationship with Billy now that he is more social and active! Billy has truly become a member of the Quality Center family.

This new attitude boosted his motivation. He participates in every activity we host, he never stays in bed anymore. Billy can now walk with a walker on occasions and stand up in the restroom using the bar.

At the beginning of his journey, Billy told himself that he would never be able to do his activities of daily living ever again. Well, much has changed. He still has a long road ahead of him, but with this motivation and attitude, the future looks bright.

Billy originally arrived to Quality Center with the intent to be a long-term resident, ultimately calling Quality Center home. However, his plans have changed, and we are actively working on a possible discharge date for Billy by Christmas! What a wonderful gift to Billy to be home with his family for the holidays! Billy is beyond excited and motivated to continue improving. We look forward to continuing this amazing journey alongside him.