Patient’s Age: 61-years-old
Admission Date: 9/1/18
Admitted From: Centennial Medical Center
Discharge Date: N/A
Discharged To: N/A
Length of Stay: 61 days
Reason for Stay: Left Foot Transmetatarsal Amputation (toe end of the foot)
How did patient hear about Bethany Center for Rehabilitation and Healing? Case Manager

Details of Experience:

Ms. Mareno arrived at Bethany Center after a 22-day stay at Centennial Medical Center. She was presented to the Emergency Department with complaints of left foot pain along with discoloration, which she states began four weeks prior to arriving to the hospital. Ms. Mareno was admitted due to test results, which indicated that she had a complete occlusion of the arteries going to her left foot. These results would require surgical attention. An attempt to clear the blockage was made but was not successful; therefore, several of her toes had to be amputated. After the procedure was complete, she then underwent cardiac surgery. During her recovery, she acquired an infection in her left foot. In order to prevent any further tissue damage or issues with infection, she underwent one more surgery to have the front part of her left foot amputated (just past all of her toes).

When Ms. Mareno arrived to Bethany Center, she was extremely weak and unable to bear weight to her left lower extremity. Once she was evaluated by our physical and occupational therapy teams, her plan of treatment was set into motion. Not only would the team have her left lower extremity to take into consideration, but her cardiac status as well.

Ms. Mareno, albeit weak from multiple surgeries, kept a positive attitude and continued to work well with both physical therapy and occupational therapy, so that her strength and stamina could slowly increase for her to be as independent as possible.

Ms. Mareno enjoys participating in many of our activities during the day, and she also assists with some of the residents who are not as independent as she is. She has become friends with some of her fellow residents and is regularly seen sitting outside on the patio with several of them enjoying the nice weather.

Once Ms. Mareno’s weight-bearing status changes and she can begin to bear weight on her left lower extremity, her therapy sessions will greatly increase so she can prepare herself for her discharge back home. Ms. Mareno has always stayed positive and has been a great pleasure to have as a patient thus far. The team at Bethany are proud of Ms. Mareno’s constant progress and we can’t wait to get her home!