Patients Age: 79-years-old
Admission Date: 11/7/18
Admitted From: Catskill Regional Medical Center
Discharge Date: 12/14/18
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 37 days
Reason for Stay: Right femur fracture
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Details of Experience:

On November 3rd, 2018, Maureen was enjoying dinner with her family when an unexpected incident occurred. While on her way to the restroom, she lost her balance and fell on her right side. She had to be quickly taken to Catskill Regional Medical Center. Upon evaluation, her doctor discovered that she had a closed right hip fracture. Prior to the hip fracture, Maureen was experiencing shortness of breath. With a cruise trip coming up, she knew she had to improve quickly.

Maureen has always been independent. She enjoys reading, watching television, and visiting with friends. Her goal entering Chatham Hills Subacute was to “return back to doing every activity I did before I fell.”

Maureen entered our community, Chatham Hills, on November 7th, 2018. Upon admission, she had a goal to walk on her own without pain. Maureen was greeted by our highly-trained therapists, Candace and Sara. During her initial assessment, she required maximum assistance with all activities of daily living. She was not able to climb any steps and was only able to ambulate five feet with contact guard assistance.

Maureen required skilled physical and occupational therapy services to return to her prior level of function. She participated in therapy six days a week, consistently practicing dynamic functional activities, self-care training, and education on energy conservation techniques. Her therapists consistently worked on pain management. Although it was taking time, Maureen was making constant progress toward her short term and long term goals. She is now able to ambulate over 200 feet, ascend/descend 12 steps, and able to perform her activities of daily living on her own!

Our Director of Concierge Services met with Maureen nearing her discharge date to find out how her overall stay at Chatham Hills was. Maureen stated, “My stay at Chatham Hills was fantastic. I had the best care from everybody. Physical therapy and occupational therapy were absolutely the best. My therapists, Steve, Archie, Michelle and Sara, were the ones who worked with me and really got me moving. I was just amazed at how far I came from where I was in the beginning. Chatham Hills was clean and cheerful. I have no complaints. Although I didn’t participate much, they really had a lot of activities for the patients. The overall experience was really fine for me. Thank you Chatham Hills.”

Team Chatham Hills is inspired by Maureen’s motivation to never give up. Congratulations, Maureen and we hope you have an amazing cruise!