Patient’s Age: 65-years-old
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 27 Days
Reason for Stay: Short-term rehabilitation
How did this patient hear about The Riverside? Patient has been here previously

Details of experience:

Mr. Mitchell is a 65-year-old male who was admitted to Lenox Hill Hospital on January 22nd, 2019 due to shortness of breath and hemoptysis. His children accompanied him to the hospital after noticing his cough was becoming worse over a two week period. Mr. Mitchell has a previous medical history: CVA (cerebrovascular accident), borderline diabetes, right arm paralysis, right leg paralysis, and wheelchair bound.

Less than one month before going to Lenox on January 22nd, he was a resident at The Riverside undergoing rehabilitation treatment for stroke recovery.

Doctors at Lenox Hill Hospital diagnosed Mr. Mitchell with congestive heart failure and hemoptysis. After nine days of being admitted to Lenox Hill Hospital, the physicians recommended to Mr. Mitchell that he return to a skilled nursing community. The goals prescribed by his physicians were to do cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, reconditioning, and continue paralysis therapy treatment. After Mr. Mitchell spoke to his physician, the hospital social worker approached him with a list of skilled nursing facilities. He kindly said to the social worker, “I am returning to The Riverside Rehabilitation Center.”

Upon arrival to The Riverside, Mr. Mitchell was greeted by many of the familiar staff members he became acquainted with during his previous stay. His family was relieved that their family member returned to The Riverside and felt confident in the staff’s ability to help their loved one recover.

Each department head sent representatives to welcome Mr. Mitchell. Each proceeded to make a plan of action with his family members. The recommendations from Lenox Hill medical staff would be incorporated into his care plan, with additional support being made from The Riverside staff. On February 1st, 2019 Mr. Mitchell’s road to recovery began.
The Riverside’s therapist’s initial evaluation had Mr. Mitchell needing maximum assistance for bed mobility, two-person assistance for walking, and maximum ADL (Activities of Daily Living). After 27 days of focused therapy, Mr. Mitchell was able to discharge safely home. He was able to walk five feet with minimal assistance, as well as minimal ADL.

As of February 28th, 2019, Mr. Mitchell was able to return home and be able to be with his mother, wife, and children. We hope for the best for Mr. Mitchell, and hope to see him as a guest the next time he visits our community!