Patient’s Age: 84-years-old
Admission Date: 01/04/2019
Admitted From: Boca Regional Hospital
Discharge Date: 02/28/2019
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 55 Days
Reason for Stay: Left Hip Fracture
How did this patient hear about The Encore: The patient lives in area and witnessed the creation of the building!

Details of experience:

On a nice sunny day in December, Mrs. Olga Arrington went to a park near her home to relax by the lake. Suddenly out of the blue, Mrs. Arrington’s left hip gave out and she had an unfortunate collapse.

As some children were walking by, they happened to see her on the floor which led them to call 911. She was brought to the hospital where she was informed that she had a left hip fracture.

After her stay in the hospital, Olga chose our community, The Encore, to rehabilitate her hip to get back to living independently. Upon admission, Olga was greeted immediately by the director of concierge services and the assistant administrator.

A short time after her arrival, her devoted therapists, Robinson and Sylvia, greeted Olga and began her initial evaluation. During her evaluation, Olga was unable to get out of bed, go to the bathroom, or dress. She had no strength and was in pain. Despite the pain, Olga really enjoyed the environment at The Encore as she shared that her first thought entering the community was, “It’s so nice here! How could I not want to be here?”

Olga’s progression was slow during the early stages of her rehabilitation journey. She was lacking motivation and did not have much hope. Her therapists would make a strong effort to motivate her through different avenues. Olga required a lot of help with almost everything involving everyday independent living.

As time went by, Olga began having more hope. She became more accepting of her situation, and as her hip began healing a bit more each day, her strength and tolerance skyrocketed- and her hopelessness turned into determination!

Her therapists got her locked in the mindset of “one day at a time.”With this mindset, Olga began to slowly see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This progress gradually continued and with time Olga needed less and less assistance. The more progress she would make the more confident she would become. She started to walk short distances with a walker and was able to dress on her own!

Olga’s progress gradually continued with time. Olga began to need less and less assistance, and the more progress she would make, the more confident she was becoming! She began walking short distances with a walker and was able to dress on her own. Keep in mind- she was unable to do these simple tasks upon arrival!

Aside from therapy, Olga also enjoyed many other things that The Encore had to offer as she stated “Everyone was wonderful, the nurses are fantastic, the aides are so pleasing and they work hard. It’s like one big family. I [also] loved the music, I would dance sitting down. The garden is [also] beautiful. I love it here.”

Olga was discharged on February 28th. She left as modified independent- she can go to the bathroom and can dress all by herself! She was correct when she stated to the director of concierge services, “I knew that I was going to get better!”

We wish Olga only happiness and health going forward. We welcome her to come visit us at any time that she would like and hope to see her real soon!