Patient’s Age: 89-years-old
Admission Date: 03/03/2019
Admitted From: West Boca Medical Center
Discharge Date: 03/28/2019
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 25 Days
Reason for Stay: Muscle weakness
How did this patient hear about The Encore: Social worker from the hospital recommended it.

Details of Experience:
Mr. Arthur Blander was having a pleasant walk near his house in Century Village when he suddenly had an unfortunate fall and injured his head and bruised his hip which sent him to the hospital. On March 3rd, Arthur was admitted to The Encore to rehabilitate and get back to independent living.

Upon arrival, Arthur was very confused. He was greeted by the director of concierge services to ensure excellent customer service throughout his stay, as well as his therapists who came to evaluate him and get him ready to do whatever it takes to get him back on his feet.

It wasn’t very encouraging for Arthur post evaluation since he was unable to dress by himself, bathe himself, and needed max assistance for ambulating. But despite being totally dependent, he was determined to make his stay at The Encore worth it and he was ready to get to work with our devoted therapists.

Despite Arthur’s motivation, he was nervous about not recovering. He would often check the locks on his wheelchair due to fear of falling. Luckily for Arthur, the determination outdid the discouragement as he would say “I want to get home, sleep in my own bed and swim in my own pool again!”

With a little time, Arthur progressed from max assist to contact guard assist. His therapist shared that “it just happened with everybody’s efforts”. This was when he and his therapist started to strongly believe that his projected goals of independence will likely be met.

Arthur particularly loved walking outside on the patio and would often share how beautiful it is and how it was his favorite place to walk. While enjoying the outdoors, Arthur progressed to standby assist. Then shortly after, he progressed to modified independent! He was able to upper body dress, use the bathroom, and get out of bed all on his own!

On the day that Arthur was discharged, he shared that he was sad to leave! He stated “The therapy was good, the help was good and the food was good. Everything was wonderful! I came in a serious condition and I’m okay now!”

We wish Arthur only the best going forward and hope he will come to visit us at The Encore soon! He shared with the director of concierge services on the phone that he goes walking with his aide daily. May Arthur, continue to walk for many more years!