Patient’s Name: Dorothea H.
Patient’s Age: 94-years-old
Admission Date: 11/28/18
Admitted From: Good Samaritan Hospital
Discharge Date: 03/08/19
Discharged To: Long term care facility
Length of Stay: 92 days
Reason for Stay: Dorothea experienced a fall and was admitted to Good Samaritan Hospital for a broken wrist and hip that required surgery. She was discharged to the Willows for short term rehabilitation.

Details of Experience:
Upon arrival to our community, Dorothea was greeted by and welcomed to The Willows by our concierge department. She was made comfortable in her room and acclimated to her new surroundings. Our nursing performed an evaluation, noting her physical limitations and place of care. Shortly thereafter, she was evaluated by Physical and Occupational Therapy. A set of goals were made and a plan was formed to assist her in her return home.

Dorothea began her Occupational and Physical therapy treatment protocols with the goal to return back to her Long Term Care Facility. Due to her broken wrist causing immobilization, she was unable to bear any weight on that arm; therefore, our team offered a modified walker to offset the weight from her limited arm. Strengthening exercises were initiated on her other arm and both legs throughout the rehabilitation process. She was now able to adjust to her limitations and worked through them during her therapy sessions.

Dorothea was then approved to bear weight on her arm, allowing her to participate in more activities and exercises with modified independence. Her success continued progressively through her hard work and determination for recovery. Dorothea began to use a rollator for ambulation and transportation, walking independently 150 feet upon discharge! Her activities of daily living were gaining independence and her transfers came more easily with less supervision!

Dorothea was visited consistently by the interdisciplinary team to ensure her comfort. She always had positive words to share on behalf of everyone. She enjoyed eating lunch each day in the atrium with other residents and conversing over light conversation and acquaintances. Dorothea shared that she had a very good stay and was very happy with the way she felt when the day came for her to return home!