Patient’s Name: Desiree Elliot
Patient’s Age: 56-years-old
Admission Date: 02/12/2019
Discharge Date: 03/06/2019
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 22 days
Reason for Stay: Left knee replacement/arthritis.
How did this patient hear about Water’s Edge at port Jefferson Rehabilitation & Nursing Center?: At John T. Mather Memorial Hospital.

Details of Experience:
Ms. Desiree Elliot arrived at the Water’s Edge Rehab and Nursing Center on February 12, 2019, after spending some time at John T. Mather Memorial Hospital in Port Jefferson. Due to an injury at work, Ms. Elliot had to have a left knee replacement, which quickly led to the development of arthritis.

After ending up in the hospital because of a severe decrease in strength, functional mobility, and the ability to transfer and ambulate independently, Desiree was given a list of skilled nursing facilities to assist in her rehabilitation to get back to a “normal and functional lifestyle.” After spending time researching each facility, Ms. Elliot chose Water’s Edge due to its close proximity to her home, as well as the great reviews she had read up on.

Within the first 24 hours, she was greeted by therapists, nurses, social work, physicians, and administrative staff. After all, was settled, our concierge had gone to greet Ms. Elliot and found that she was feeling a little saddened that she was in this predicament and not able to go home. After welcoming her with an open heart and listening ears, Ms. Elliot expressed that “everyone here has been so nice, and it’s so quiet, but I just want to go home.” After assuring Desiree that Team Water’s Edge wants nothing but the same for her, to send her home the quickest and safest way possible, she felt more confident in her ability to get home and was eager to get started working towards her goals.

Desiree began her stay at the Water’s Edge with the need for contact guard assistance for nearly all of her daily functions. With the help of our awesome rehab team, Desiree was able to accomplish her first set of goals within just a few days – quickly moving on to an upgraded list of goals! With a motivated spirit, Ms. Elliot conquered goal after goal and can now perform some daily life skills, with modified independence, within just one week of being on the program. Two weeks in, Desiree has set the bar high, working toward the goal of being able to go up and down the stairs independently. Together, Ms. Elliot and her therapists used therapeutic resistance exercises and dynamic balancing training; as well as gross motor coordination, bed mobility activities, and dynamic functional activities to assist in meeting all of her goals.

After continued progress in the program, Ms. Elliot was on her way to planning a safe discharge home. Ms. Desiree Elliot shared her experience while at the Water’s Edge, “The care your team has provided has been outstanding. I never thought I’d receive such great care, but not only that, but I have also made so many friends. The rehab team has been excellent, and even the food was good! Your concierge always went above and beyond. I just can’t thank everyone enough for all they have done. It has been a wonderful experience. I am actually a little sad to be leaving.”

Upon discharge, Ms. Elliot expressed some concern with being able to walk the stairs to the best of her ability. Our team worked closely with her over her last few days in our community to ensure she felt comfortable and safe going home. Desiree discharged successfully and safely on March 6, 2019; just in time to celebrate her birthday the next day with her family! Team Water’s Edge is so happy for Desiree as she crushed her goals one step at a time while under our care. Although she will be missed, we wish her nothing but the best in all her future endeavors.