Patient’s Age: 90-years-old
Admission Date: 03/04/2019
Admitted From: Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center
Discharge Date: 04/23/2019
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 50 days
Reason for Stay: Short-term rehabilitation.
How did patient hear about The Riverside? Hospital Social Worker.

Details of Experience:
Mrs. Joan was admitted to the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center for a fall occurring in her home. She has a history of balance issues for over 10 years, and never required any physical therapy or occupational therapy. Throughout the years, she was able to live independently in her apartment, managing her balance with the assistance of her personal aid, and holding onto any solid structures. Over the years she noted that her balance had worsened, leading her to sway while she walked. One day she was walking in her apartment and lost her balance transferring from a hard surface to carpeting. Fortunately, her long-time aid was with her. She was admitted to Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center for further evaluation.

Her long-time Primary Care Physician who took care of her late husband arrived in the emergency room to evaluate her status. The Primary Care Physician was adamant that Mrs. Joan participated in Physical and Occupational Therapy for her own safety. Finally, Mrs. Joan agreed to be evaluated by Columbia Presbyterian’s Rehabilitation Departments. Their assessment of Mrs. Joan stated she needed moderate assistance with walking, moderate assistance with bed transfers, moderate assistance for hygiene, and moderate assistance with stairs. The recommendation from the Rehabilitation Department was continued Physical and Occupational Therapy. A skilled nursing facility would be the proper setting for her recovery in order to make sure she will have 24-hour medical treatment due to her age, as well as participate in rehabilitation. Her hospital social worker approached Mrs. Joan with a list of Skilled Nursing Facilities. After consulting her Primary Care Physician she spoke to the social worker and picked the Riverside Premier Rehabilitation Center.

Upon arrival at the Riverside Rehabilitation Mrs.Joan was greeted by department managers and staff members. She was excited to begin the healing process, “I can’t wait to stop walking as if I am on a boat.” Occupation Therapy and Physical Therapy came early in the morning to conduct an evaluation. After 50 days of aggressive therapy, Mrs.Joan was discharged from the Riverside on 4/23/2019. She was able to ambulate with little assistance walking 300 feet and walk 8 steps!