Patient’s age: 37-years-old
Admission date: 04/23/19
Admitted from: Brooklyn hospital
Discharge date: 05/22/19
Discharged to: Home
Length of stay: 5 weeks
Reason of stay: Rehabilitation on the right foot
How did patient hear about the Phoenix? Referred by the hospital.

Details of Experience:
Mr. Robert Cunningham was welcomed into The Phoenix Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on April 23rd, 2019, from the Wood Hall Medical Center after suffering a fracture on his right foot while playing basketball. Mr. Cunningham knew he would need physical therapy for his foot so that he would be able to regain his mobility and strength back to walk again. This wasn’t easy as he was suffering from a lot of pain; however, the staff at The Phoenix were ready to take on the challenge with him!

Upon his arrival, Mr. Cunningham was greeted tremendously by many staff members including our concierge and the nursing supervisor. The first impression that he had was that the building looked very clean and well kept. He also loved the new renovations throughout our community! He especially enjoyed seeing the gym renovations because he knew he would be spending a lot of his time rehabilitating in the gym!

As the week progressed, he met members from each department such as rehabilitation, recreation, housekeeping, maintenance, and social workers. Mr. Cunningham was eager to meet everyone in the community as he was eager to rehabilitate and be discharged!

During the first 48 hours, Mr. Cunningham began to socialize with other residents. Mr. Cunningham also had a few requests regarding rooming that we quickly responded to, as we do with all of our residents and patients.

Mr. Cunningham also began to perform physical rehabilitation, which was challenging in the beginning because he was still suffering from pain, but he knew it would be a process and was willing to do whatever it took so that he can get well and be able to go back home. The goal was to get two therapy sessions a day so that he would be able to heal as fast as he could!

With a few weeks under his belt, Mr. Cunningham began to find out more information about activities that were going on at The Phoenix. He began to enjoy all the different concerts we have in our community, along with bingo and painting! He was also fascinated by the events which were going on for Nursing Home Week, a whole week dedicated to the staff who make our community so beautiful!

He was very happy with the staff in our community. He was happy to see that the staff were catering to the residents and that the staff were there to provide a great experience. We are happy that Mr. Cunningham saw us for who we truly are, a family-oriented community – not simply a nursing home.

Mr. Cunningham was also beginning to thrive with his therapy sessions; he started to feel very strong and was able to walk on his foot more. He loved the rehabilitation staff members because he felt like they were so positive and very knowledgeable about their job.

During the last few days, Mr. Cunningham met with the social worker to get an update on his status. The social worker explained to him that he was making great progress and was on schedule to be discharged soon. His status was going so well that he was going to be able to go home without needing any type of home attendant or family member to look after him.

He found out his discharge date would be on May 22nd, 2019. Mr. Cunningham felt so relieved because he knew how much hard work he put in to get back healthy! He knew he would be able to play the sport that he loved again. On the day of his discharge, he thanked so many staff members who assisted him throughout his whole process at The Phoenix. It was a pleasure being able to help Mr. Cunningham with anything he needed! We would like to wish him much success and great health in the future!