Patient Name: Donna O.
Admission Date: 06/27/19
Admitted From: Greenwich Hospital
Discharge Date: 07/26/19
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 29 Days
Reason for Stay: Acute Gastric Ulcer
How did this patient hear about The Enclave? Hospital Staff

Details of Experience:
Donna was admitted to The Enclave at Rye Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on June 27, 2019, from Greenwich Hospital, following an inpatient hospitalization due to an acute gastric ulcer. Shortly after her arrival, she was warmly greeted by members of the interdisciplinary team, including the nurses, therapists, and on-staff physician.

Sheldon, her physical therapist, and Tim, her occupational therapist met Donna and performed their initial evaluations as well as preliminary goals. She presented with muscle weakness, totally dependent on a wheelchair for mobility, and completely required assistance for her daily needs, such as dressing and using the bathroom. All of this severely impacted her ability to independently perform basic activities of daily living (ADL’s). Short term goals were established to help her regain strength while nursing carefully monitored the pain levels so that she could maximize her time in therapy.

As Donna was improving in therapy, she was also being quite supported by the clinical team here at The Enclave. Often, Donna’s head would slide down from the pillow, and because of her weakness, she wasn’t able to slide back up. This was extremely frustrating for her, as she had to ask for assistance multiple times of the day. However, with the support of the C.N.A.’s along with Concierge Services, she didn’t have to worry about a thing. She was always being helped with a smile, and that helped her continue to excel throughout her stay.

Less than a month after arriving at The Enclave, Donna was discharged back home with renewed strength and independence. She became independent in everything that she worked on. She was able to use the bathroom by herself. She was able to dress. And most of all, she was able to walk around without having to use a wheelchair. Because she was already a patient once at The Enclave, Donna says “There is a reason why I came back!”