Patient’s Age: 72-years-old
Admission Date: 10/19/18
Admitted From: Tristar Southern Hills Medical Center
Length of Stay: 340 Days
Reason for Stay: Malignant neoplasm in the left lobe of the lung and repeated falls.
How did this patient hear about Chatham Hills? Hospital referral

Details of Experience:
Sherry Maxwell came to Nashville Center almost one year ago after finding a terrible wound on the lower half of her body. Maxwell was admitted and began treatment on her wound that has been healing ever since. Six months later, while continuing therapy, she discovered that she had developed a mass of cancer on her right lung. Three months ago, Maxwell underwent five straight days of radiation treatment for three hours each day. We were thrilled to find out she is now cancer-free!

Maxwell has been at Nashville Center for almost a year and has made many great memories here. One of her favorite moments was meeting Ashlyn Davis, the Director of Concierge when she accompanied Sherry to her appointment where she found out she was cancer-free. Maxwell loved spending time with her and the two are already planning what celebrations will happen on her one-year anniversary here at Nashville Center.

Sherry has been improving with walking abilities thanks to the team of therapists at Nashville Center. When she is ready to go home, she wants to continue walking so that she can remain healthy and see her dog Sadie again. Sherry is very thankful for the chance to get better and for everyone believing in her.