Patient’s Name: Jill Trainer
Patient’s Age: 90-years-old
Admission Date: 08/09/2019
Admitted From: Helen Hayes Hospital
Discharge Date: 09/04/19
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 25 days
Reason for Stay: Sepsis

Details of Experience:
Jill Trainer is a 90-year-old female who came to our community from Good Samaritan Hospital with an admitting diagnosis of sepsis. Jill also had a history of Congestive Heart Failure, Pneumonia, and atrial fibrillation. Due to her Pneumonia, she came to us on supplemental oxygen. Jill came from senior living and her goal was to return there upon discharge.

On arrival to our community, Jill was greeted by our concierge and welcomed to our community and shown to her room. She was introduced to all of our services and events to help make her stay more pleasurable. Shortly after that, she was greeted by our team in rehab. The Occupational, Physical, and Respiratory therapists introduced themselves and each of them did a thorough assessment. A program was put together and a set of goals were made to help ensure a successful discharge home.

After the evaluation with Occupational Therapy, Jill started working on her morning routine. Being in a senior living apartment, she had to be as independent as possible. The morning routine was broken down and each skill was focused on individually and as she progressed they were all brought together. As her activities got longer it was important to rely on what she was taught about energy saving techniques. A lot of upper body strengthening exercises and activities were also used to help build up her strength and activity tolerance. She was progressing at a good pace and was able to meet all her goals with little to no supervision.

With Physical Therapy a focus was put on building exercise tolerance and ambulation. Jill started out using a rolling walker. She started with short distances and frequent breaks. As she built up she was able to complete all household distances which would be necessary for her day to day living. Exercises and done that were focused on building lower body strength activity and standing tolerance. Eventually, Jill worked her way up to longer distances beyond household ones. She also was able to graduate from the rolling walker to the Rollator, which would help facilitate her independence even further. Upon discharge, she was able to walk long distances and able to maintain her energy levels.

Respiratory Therapy worked closely with both therapy disciplines to help facilitate oxygen weaning. Exercises were used that helped build up her respiratory strength and endurance. Through pre and post-exercise charting the Respiratory Therapists were able to track her progress and help her slowly and safely move from supplemental oxygen to room air. Upon her discharge, Jill was able to do all activities with no supplemental oxygen and maintain safe vital levels.

Jill was visited daily by the concierge and asked how she was doing. She was constantly encouraged to attend the multiple activities and events taking place in the community. She enjoyed her stay at The Willows and was looking forward to going home.

Jill worked hard and focused on her goals and was able to be safely discharged back to her home and friends. With contributions from the entire team, Jill was going home able to safely complete her day-to-day activities. Jill was grateful for all the help and assistance that was given to help her meet her goals. She was thrilled, especially with the work put in with the Therapy Team. We wish her nothing but continued health and wellness moving forward. Enjoy being back home, Jill!