Patient’s Age: 69-years-old
Admission Date: 10/30/2019
Admitted From: Mount Sinai Hospital
Discharge Date: 11/20/2019
Discharge To: Assisted Living
Length of Stay: 30 Days
Reason for Stay: Short Term Rehab
How did this patient hear about The Riverside? Has been here previously

Details of Experience:
Mr. Richard was admitted to Mount Sinai Hospital on October 16, 2019, for Cardiothoracic Surgery due to severe mitral regurgitation. His recent medical history involved chemotherapy, currently in remission. He was a resident at the Riverside Rehabilitation for close to a year, while undergoing chemotherapy treatment, and learning to regain his mobility. During the worst of times, Richard never lost his sense of humor. He is quoted saying after returning from chemotherapy, “ I am winning, just these cancer cells don’t know they are losing.” As the months passed, treatment completed, or as in Richard’s very own words, “GAME OVER, they lost, I won.” In the coming months, Richard would participate in all therapies, resulting in discharging from the Riverside Rehabilitation Center standing tall, and walking out of the facility to start his new life.

With the conclusion of chemotherapy, Richard’s Cardiologist was preparing him for the next obstacle. His doctor at Mount Sinai Hospital felt it was important for Richard to have a procedure for mitral valve replacement. He was admitted to Mount Sinai Hospital on October 16th,2019, surgery occurred on October 17th, 2019. Medical staff continued to monitor his recovery and were prepared to discharge him to a skilled nursing facility. The hospital social worker approached Richard about his options regarding which skilled nursing facility he would prefer. After looking over the list, he circled, The Riverside Rehabilitation Center, as his first choice.

As Richard arrived at The Riverside Rehabilitation Center’s front door, staff members greeted him with open arms. Each department head sent representatives to welcome him back and proceeded to make a plan of action with his family members. According to the hospital, post-op notes Richard demonstrated a decrease in strength, decrease mobility, a decrease in ambulation, and a reduction in balance. In his first week and a half, Richard was still very tired from the surgery. Over the following weeks, he was becoming stronger, as noted by the medical staff. The ability to walk 100 feet with a rollator was a clear indicator that his mobility was returning to functional levels. Balancing was at first an issue but later became a small footnote in his recovery. His expected discharge date was scheduled to be after Thanksgiving.

While Richard’s time at the Riverside was coming to an end, he made a point of seeing all of the staff and residents he met while he was a resident. The therapy department gave him the green light about reaching his goals. Physicians and Nursing staff were mindful of his post-surgery progress and consulted his Cardiologist about discharging back to an assisted living. With all signs looking good for a safe discharge, Richard would be leaving the Riverside on November 27, 2019. When interviewed for this case study Richard said the following, “You know there are several skilled nursing facilities out there in New York City. I’ve only known one at the Riverside. If I should ever need to be in a skilled nursing facility there is one place I am going, that’s The Riverside.” On behalf of the Riverside Rehabilitation Center, we wish Richard all the best.