Patient’s Age: 65-years-old
Admission Date: 09/18/19
Admitted From: Boca Raton Regional Hospital
Discharge Date: 10/11/19
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 23 Days
Reason for Stay: Fracture of Left Patella
How did this patient hear about The Encore: Children researched rehab centers online.

Details of experience:
“Coming to The Encore was life-changing for me. Being here healed me, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually too. I realized I had two options; to sit around in my wheelchair or to fight, and I chose to fight. I was motivated with compassion and encouragement by the most amazing team of healthcare professionals I have ever come across. They went above and beyond with my care throughout,” said Ionie Goldson, as she returned to The Encore for an outpatient therapy session, a short time after her discharge.

It all started back on a casual afternoon when Ionie had just returned from a walk outside in her neighborhood and was heading toward her sofa to relax a bit. She blacked out, fell and landed up in Boca Raton Regional Hospital with a left patella fracture. Ionie had an operation at the hospital to repair her kneecap. The hospital recommended to her children that she would need rehabilitation as part of her recovery process. Upon researching online, Ionie’s children found The Encore at Boca Raton, with great reviews, and chose it as the rehabilitation location best fit for their mom.

Ionie was admitted to The Encore on September 19th. As a nurse, Ionie had cared for her own parents and grandparents in their elderly years. Upon admission to The Encore, Ionie experienced slight confusion, as to why she was admitted. Ionie assumed her children would care for her, as she had her own parents and was frustrated by her misunderstanding. She felt quite helpless, but things turned around quickly. Early the following morning Ionie was greeted by a kind CNA, present to wash her up and dress her comfortably for therapy.

Next, she was greeted by her therapists, Mitch and Robinson. Mitch helped Ionie stand up right away. Ionie shared that as soon as she stood up, she had a whole new feeling; if she could stand, she’d be ok and this was not the end of the world. Her therapists inspired her with their kind words and positive reinforcement. Ionie had therapy before, but she never felt this level of motivation or encouragement. Upon admission, she required total assistance with moving and transferring. She needed help with all tasks, even basic ones. Ionie and her therapists shared similar goals of being able to walk and regain independence. Her therapists began with in-bed exercises, moving on to exercises sitting up, and then finally to walking exercises. She worked to strengthen her arms and fine motor skills, which were weak because of a past injury. Each week, Ionie progressed to the next level toward her goal. Mitch and Robinson cheered Ionie on for every achievement along the way. Her therapists described her as dedicated, hard-working and motivated to participate in therapy.

Ionie’s face glowed, as she shared that her favorite parts of The Encore were the activities, the complimentary Starbucks in the lobby, and the breakfast club! She felt that the activities inspired her. She would return to her room and reflect on life and her purpose. She especially loved jamming out to the music sessions. Ionie snapped a photograph of herself in the lobby drinking a cup of Starbucks coffee and sent it over to her friends. She captioned the photo, “I feel like I am on a vacation!” Aside from the great food, Ionie loved the socializing that took place at the breakfast club. She found it to be comforting and empowering as other residents shared their own stories and experiences, providing inspiration and blessings.

Upon discharge, Ionie was able to perform tasks independently and return to her active lifestyle. She was able to walk 300 feet on her own with a walker. She returned to doing 95% of her regular activities, including activities she enjoys such as cooking and gardening. She is strongly anticipating being able to fish again. Ionie is now returning for outpatient therapy at The Encore, working on improving her balance and getting rid of her walker entirely. Ionie shared, “I was anxious to be home, but leaving The Encore made me feel like I left my family behind. I will be eternally grateful for the rest of my life that my children placed me here. I told my children that if it ever comes to a point where I need long term placement, I want to live at The Encore. My anxiety about the later years of my life completely went away. Everyone wanted to see me better and it was so helpful. The standard of care was above and beyond. I am a nurse; I have been to many kinds of medical facilities and I would volunteer my time to market this place with my entire heart. It is a great community to place your family member. The staff treats you even better than family. As a nurse, I am very critical of care, but they have met all my needs. Thinking about The Encore, I feel like I should cry. I am so full of gratitude and joy!”

We wish Ionie much luck in all future endeavors and believe that her beautiful mind and motivational attitude will continue to lead her to much success in all she does!