Patient’s Name: John Lemond
Patient’s Age: 71-years-old
Admission Date: 06/26/2019
Admitted From: Good Samaritan Hospital
Discharge Date: 11/07/19
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 99 days
Reason for Stay: Osteomyelitis of cervical spine

Details of Experience:
John Lemond is an 87-year-old male who came to our community from Good Samaritan Hospital with an admitting diagnosis of osteomyelitis of the cervical spine. John also has a history of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic diastolic heart failure, Atrial fibrillation, and Hypertension. Additionally, John has had challenges with his knees in his past and often shares that he has difficulty walking due to nerve damage relating to Osteomyelitis. John currently lives independently at home and eagerly hopes to return home as soon as possible.

Upon his arrival to our community, John was cheerfully greeted by our concierge, Yehuda. He was shown to his room and given an introduction to our community by sharing services offered here at The Willows and what to expect over the next 24-48 hours. After settling into his suite, John was greeted by our Rehabilitation Team. Our Physical and Occupational Therapists evaluated him and set up goals for his anticipated return home. The most definitive goal for physical therapy was to get John walking again. He began with leg exercises that focused on strengthening and promoting blood flow throughout his lower extremities. He was eventually fitted for knee braces that would assist, support and provide stability. He began slowly with standing exercises and eventually worked up strength and endurance to have the ability to walk alongside staff independently.

In Occupational Therapy, John needed to regain his independence with his self-care and dressing. John began with exercises to help him regain strength in his arms and upper body. He slowly worked day-by-day to build his strength and agility in his arms. The therapy team arrived in the early morning to assist John with his daily routine and hygiene tasks. They worked to teach him techniques that would help him conserve energy and be more efficient with his routine. He eventually was able to complete his entire morning routine with little to no help from the staff!

John always had a friendly smile and a nice word for everyone. While he didn’t like participating in activities up close, he was always watching from afar, with a smile on his face. John shared, “I never waited more than a minute or two when pressing the call light. They never made me feel like it was a burden, they treated me like family.”

John was able to reach his goal through hard work and motivation. Despite being in a place and situation that he didn’t want to be in, John found a way to make the most of the time spent here at the Willows. He was very happy with the care he received from all the staff. John returned home with the tools to remain home successfully.