Below are the dates of our Heart Health Seminars.

New York
February 6th, The Paramount
February 7th, The Grove
February 11th, The Grand Pavilion
February 12th, The Hamlet
February 14th, The Emerald Peek
February 20th, The Chateau
February 20th, Chatham Hills
February 20th, The Riverside
February 20th, The Phoenix
February 26th, Glengariff
February 27th, The Willows
February 27th, Cortlandt
February 27th, Rockville
March 2nd, Water’s Edge
St. James Seminar Date Coming Soon!

February 12th, Jupiter Center
February 18th, The Encore at Boca
February 27th, Palmetto Subacute

February 13th, Gallatin Center
February 20th, Manchester Center
February 25th, Trevecca Center
February 25th, Green Hills Center
February 25th, Nashville Center
February 25th, Bethany Center
February 26th, Creekside Center
February 26th, Quality Center
February 27th, Lebanon Center