Patients Age: 79-years-old
Admission Date: 09/20/19
Admitted From: Kendall Regional Medical Center
Discharge Date: TBD
Discharged To: TBD
Length of Stay: 4 months, 11 days
Reason for Stay: Displaced pilon fracture of right tibia and dislocation of right shoulder.
How did this patient hear about Palmetto Subacute Care Center? Social worker at Kendall Regional.

Details of Experience:
Mr. Valdivia arrived at Palmetto subacute care center on September 20, 2019, from Kendall Hospital. Mr. Valdivia was admitted to Kendall hospital after suffering a fall. “I was repairing a window and taking offshores after the hurricane. I missed a step and fell from the ladder; I believe I was up 30 ft.” Mr. Valdivia fractured his ankle and dislocated his shoulder. He was hospitalized for three weeks and underwent application of multiplanar external fixation and placement of Integra graft. It was discussed that he would need skilled care in efforts to return home. The hospital assisted Mr. Valdivia and his family with the selection process, electing to transfer to Palmetto for rehabilitation upon hospital discharge.

Mr. Valdivia was immediately welcomed by the director of concierge, unit nurses, therapists’ dietary staff with open arms! The clinical team was incredibly supportive of all his needs. Mr. Valdivia began therapy immediately while also getting to know additional staff members and residents. We were happy to see Mr. Valdivia feel at home.

Mr. Valdivia was evaluated by all therapy teams, with goals in mind to increase standing balance and reduce the risk of falls. These interventions would help to decrease the loss of balance during functional mobility and safely perform all functional transfers. Mr. Valdivia’s therapy treatment plan included therapeutic exercises/activities, neuromuscular reeducation, and gait training therapy.

Mr. Valdivia increased his independence and was able to walk 160 feet with minimal assistance a month after being admitted; he began with 0 feet. During his last evaluation done on January 24th, 2020, it was reported that he increased from 160 ft to 170 ft. Mr. Valdivia stated, “Although it is hard for me to walk right now, I’m very happy with how the therapy staff pushes me beyond my limits every day. They remind me that the only limits in life are the limits you set yourself and that everything is possible.”

Over the next few weeks, Mr. Valdivia began to participate in activities frequently, and enjoys conversing with other residents and being social. Mr.Valdivia is known for always listening to Peruvian music and sharing recipes of amazing Peruvian meals with the staff! Mr. Valdivia expressed his gratitude to the staff and is amazed by our patient care skills. Although Mr. Valdivia is a current patient with us, he and the therapy team are continuing to work towards a safe discharge plan. We cannot wait to see the accomplishments he will make in the near future!