Patient Name: Nathaniel
Patient Age: 68-years-old
Admitted From: Vanderbilt Medical Center
Admission Date: 02/06/2020
To Discharge: 04/01/2020
Discharge Destination: Home
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation
How patient heard about Creekside Center: Hospital Referral

Details of Experience:
After being struck by a car while crossing the street, Nathaniel was transported to Vanderbilt Medical Center’s emergency room. He suffered from various severe injuries and underwent a complicated five-hour surgery to repair fractures to his cervical spine immediately. Thankfully, the surgery was successful, and he was closely monitored, medicated, and required to wear a cervical neck brace to assist in his recovery and prevent possible risks.

Despite best efforts from the teams in the hospital, Nathaniel was beginning to develop a long list of complications due to the accident, all of which needed to be addressed. These complications included high levels of pain, increased probability for blood clots and stroke, difficulty swallowing, decreased range of motion, activity tolerance and functional mobility, poor balance, and the need for proper education and equipment. In order to address these difficulties, Vanderbilt suggested that Nathaniel consider admission to Creekside Center for Rehabilitation and Healing, due to their skilled care and ongoing assistance.

When arriving to the rehabilitation community, Nathaniel was greeted by many professionals dedicated to assisting him in meeting his goals to improve, regain his independence, and return home. Following his initial encounter with Creekside’s skilled team, he described the staff as courteous and kind, and he was pleased with his first impression from each department.

Nathaniel was not able to complete very basic tasks when first admitted to Creekside. He was not able to lift anything, including his glass to drink, required one to two-person assistance to move or leave his bed, and he declares that “my speech therapist had to teach me how to eat and swallow”. Upon admission, he also suffered from generalized weakness, poor balance, and lightheadedness with movements. His accident had serious repercussions on his health, and the Creekside team was ready to help him recover. With determination and professional assistance, Nathaniel’s tolerance increased so he was able to walk up to 75 feet at a time with a rolling walker and contact guard assistance.

As Nathaniel progressed towards his goals, he was visited often by his Concierge, who acts as a liaison to all departments involved in his care. He stated that he never had questions or concerns for long, as they were immediately and professionally resolved. During his stay, there were many activities offered, and plenty of opportunities to socialize with others. After his therapy sessions, his favorite thing to do was watching his favorite television program, just like he would if he was at home. Meals were served in accordance with his liking, and he was very pleased with the staff’s many accommodations.

When asked to describe his stay at Creekside, Nathaniel chose “fantastic”, and added, “I am ecstatic with the attention and care I have received.” Currently, he is independent in all self-care and ambulates for unlimited distances, including stairs and uneven surfaces. He no longer needs his neck brace, and swelling and pain are no longer a concern. He thanks the wonderful Creekside team for making his rehabilitation possible, and the Creekside Center team commends him for his hard work and perseverance.