Patient’s Age: 60-years-old
Admission Date: 3/17/20
Admitted From: Saint Thomas Midtown
Discharge Date: 4/17/20
Length of Stay: 31 days
Reason for Stay: Fracture of lower right leg
How did this patient hear about Nashville Center? Hospital referral from Saint Thomas Midtown

Details of Experience:
Raymond was having a fantastic day leaving the courthouse after receiving his marriage license, but as he was leaving, he had to walk down a 120 step staircase. All of a sudden he slipped and fell all the way to the bottom. He was convinced that nothing was wrong and refused to immediately go to the hospital to be checked. Fortunately, he went in for treatment one day later, and the only break he experienced was a closed lower leg fracture.

During his interview, he mentioned that he had always been a class clown, making light of any situation, which is why he did not go to the hospital immediately. So when he got news about his break he did not consider it too serious. Not to mention, after over 20 years of service in the Marine Core, he’s pretty hard-core! But even our country’s bravest need to take care of their injuries! After getting a bright blue cast at the hospital the doctor told him he needed to regain strength lost from his injury before returning home. At their recommendation, he chose Nashville Center for Rehabilitation and Healing for their superb care and attention.

Raymond stated that “Nashville Center is a great place to be and a place where you can ensure that you will be taken care of.” He is a very social individual who enjoys making new friends and meeting new people. As such, he thoroughly enjoyed our coffee bar, ice cream

socials, as well as the various other social activities put on by our recreation team. Raymond has also mentioned that his favorite memory of his time with the Nashville team was decorating his cast with superhero patches with the concierge.

When asked what he was looking forward to returning to after his discharge, he explained he couldn’t wait to go visit his close friends Tanya and George, where he could write new music with them, sing and play his guitar. He was so excited to get back to play on Broadway again with his band, in which he plays the violin and the guitar.

Raymond is a very dedicated individual who worked extremely hard with the Nashville Center’s rehabilitation team each and every day so he could regain his strength and independence. The team is so excited to see him returning home, and wishes him the best of luck in his continued recovery and performances!