Patient’s Age: 64-years-old
Admission Date: 02/27/2020
Admitted From: Skyline Medical Center
Discharge Date: 04/28/2020
Length of Stay: 61 days
Discharge To: Home with Family
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation
How did the patient hear about Creekside Center? Recommended by family member

Details of Experience:
As Pamela C.’s shortness-of-breath worsened, medical attention was unavoidable. She was treated at Skyline emergency room for acute (sudden onset) respiratory failure. Her medical history revealed a diagnosis of COPD. Her increased need for oxygen, lack of appetite, extreme weakness, depression, anxiety, general pain also needed to be addressed. Once medically stable, her physician advised her to choose a skilled nursing facility for continued care. She was strongly encouraged by her mother, who was a nurse, to transfer to the Creekside Center for Rehabilitation and Healing. Pamela shared she was concerned admitting to a skilled nursing facility, but followed her mother’s recommendation.

Pamela was welcomed by the Director of Concierge Services, Jean Marie. She worked to alleviate her anxiety by doing everything possible to make her comfortable and suit her preferences. The nursing staff assessed her needs so an appropriate care plan could be developed. The therapy team started evaluations. Initially, she was not able to walk, not even for short distances. Therefore, in the beginning, therapy sessions consisted of various bed exercises. Later, she progressed to taking five to ten steps with assistance. They began discussing the possible need for long term care versus returning to home. Her goal to return home was enough motivation to keep her moving forward.

During her progression, Pamela made the best of her circumstances. She began to feel increasingly more at home and enjoyed the company of the friendly staff. With a prescribed nicotine patch and the coffee provided when she had cravings, she was able to quit smoking. Her weight steadily increased as well, a goal of the team’s. She knew she could always order from an alternate menu if what they were serving was not “her type of food.” She especially looked forward to playing BINGO and games on the Kindle, out of many optional activities. This helped to pass the time while she continued to work hard.

Prior to discharge, she exclaimed, “This is not the scary place I thought it would be. These people here at Creekside are here to help, and they gave me everything I needed.” She expressed being relieved that she decided to give us a chance. Now, she has another success story to tell. She safely walked 75 feet with a Rollator and performed all activities of daily living with minimal assistance. Her need for supplemental oxygen diminished and her pain was controlled. When asked what the formula for success is, she replied, “It is about hard work and miracles. If you really want something, you will work for it and that’s when the miracles happen.” The Creekside Center team celebrate her progress, and sincerely wish her continued milestones on your journey.