Patient’s Name: Josephine C.
Patients Age: 88-years-old
Admission Date: 04/22/2020
Discharge Date: 05/10/2020
Discharged to: Home
Length of stay: 18 days
Reason for stay: Regain strength
How did this patient hear about Water’s Edge: Recommendation from Stony Brook Hospital

Details of Experience:
Josephine was admitted to Stony Brook Hospital after being found outside of her home unconscious. She spent three days as an inpatient at the hospital before admission to a sub-acute rehabilitation center to regain her strength. After careful consideration, Josephine and her son, Alfred, agreed Water’s Edge Rehabilitation Center would be the perfect fit for her.

With our admitting nurse anxiously awaiting her arrival, Ms. C. was transported on the evening of April 22, 2020. Josephine was escorted to her room, where she received her initial assessment and was introduced to our team. The next morning, the patient was met by a team of therapists for evaluation and to review achievable goals to attain during her stay. Together, they formed treatment goals, including safe ambulation, improved bed mobility from contact guard assist to independent, and to be able to ambulate stairs safely. Josephine demonstrated good rehabilitation potential due to her prior level of function, strong family support, active participation, and motivation.

Josephine worked diligently alongside her team of therapists. She worked with her Physical Therapist, Jayne, using resistance exercises and therapeutic exercises to facilitate independence in self-care tasks and mobility tasks. They also focused on gait training, emphasizing increased safety and performance on stairs. With her Occupational Therapist, Nichole, Josephine used resistance exercises to increase her ability to perform bathing and self-care tasks independently.

Josephine was eager to return home, where she hoped to be independent and would be able to spend time with her son and grandchildren. As discharge approached, Ms. C. felt like she was ready. After two weeks, she was now able to ambulate and perform self-care tasks independently and safely.

Upon discharge, Josephine and her son expressed their gratitude to the team for helping her get back to her prior level of function. The team at Water’s Edge is grateful for the opportunity to support Josephine and wish her a happy and healthy future.