Patient’s Age: 48-years-old
Admission Date: 05/29/20
Admitted From: Burke Rehabilitation
Discharge Date: 06/25/20
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 4 weeks
Reason for Stay: Right side chronic middle cerebral artery (MCA) occlusion w/ left side hempiparesis, decreased coordination, decreased strength and activity tolerance inhibiting ADL performance.
How did this patient hear about Sans Souci? Hospital recommendation

Details of Experience:
Mr. Anthony B. arrived at Sans Souci Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on May 29, 2020, from an inpatient hospital, stay at Burke Rehabilitation Center. Prior to his arrival at Sans Souci, Mr. B. experienced a stroke with right side chronic middle cerebral artery (MCA) occlusion w/ left side hemiparesis. As a result, Mr. B. has decreased coordination, decreased strength, and decreased activity tolerance inhibiting ADL performance. Mr. B. was referred to Sans Souci to begin receiving PT, OT, and nursing care to begin his healing journey to return to the community.

Upon admission, Mr. B. was greeted by multiple members of the Sans Souci interdisciplinary team. The team welcomed Mr. B. to our facility and conducted evaluations to custom tailor Mr. B.’s stay. He also required a rolling walker for ambulation upon admission.

Prior to his hospital stay, Mr. B. resided at his own residence and ambulated unlimited distances, independently, without the use of assisted devices. He began working with our Physical Therapist, Carre Peters-Smith, DPT, and Occupational Therapist, Kecia DePass, COTA, to return to independence with ADL’s and ambulation.

Upon evaluation, he also required minimal assistance with ADL’s, such as bed mobilities, functional transfers, grooming, and dressing. Mr. B. was able to ambulate with a rolling walker a distance of 40 feet, using minimal assistance.

His therapy goals were to be able to perform bed mobilities and functional transfers with modified independence, independently perform ADLs, such as grooming and dressing, and ambulate distances 350 feet using a quad cane.

After two weeks of working with the therapy department, Mr. B. was able to ambulate 150 feet using a quad cane with set-up assistance and safely performed grooming and dressing with contact guard assistance. His long term therapy goal was upgraded to ambulating unlimited distances with a quad cane.

Mr. B. was a very outgoing and friendly resident during his stay. He forged many relationships with staff and residents, alike. He enjoyed the luxury Sans Souci amenities, such as the complimentary Starbucks coffee offerings from the community Starbucks Serenade Brewer and various weekly luxury refreshments from our signature snack cart program.

By the third week of his stay, Mr. B. could ambulate 250 feet utilizing a quad cane with modified independence. He was upgraded to set-up level assist with functional transfers and bed mobilities. Mr. B. was also upgraded to contact guard assistance with most ADL’s.

The week of his discharge, Mr. B. was upgraded to independently performing bed mobilities and functional transfers. He could ambulate unlimited distances with a quad cane independently and was upgraded to stand by assistance for grooming tasks and dressing ADL’s!

On June 25th, Mr. B. discharged from Sans Souci. Upon discharge, he shared, “The rehab department at Sans Souci is amazing. Kecia and Carrie were fantastic to work with and helped me regain my strength. The entire nursing department took great care of me. Thank you to my nurses Emily and Jessa and CNA’s Ruth, Pauline, and Albania who helped me recover. I really enjoyed my stay at Sans Souci.”