Patient’s Name: Vincent D.
Patient’s Age: 91-years-old
Admission Date: 10/06/19
Admitted From: Good Samaritan Hospital
Length of Stay: 10 months
Reason for Stay: Frequent Falls

Details of Experience:
Vincent D. arrived in our community from Nyack hospital for frequent falls. He was known to our facility before this last visit and has been with us on several other stays. He has a history of COPD, Anemia, Depression, and Hypertension. During this last visit, Vincent and his family decided that for his health and well being it would be safest for him and his future to stay with us long-term. He had already become very familiar and comfortable with our team members so the transition was very smooth for him.

Vincent transitioned to his new life here at The Willows. As a long term patient, he received frequent Physical and Occupational Therapy, as he had a decline in his physical or functional status. He mostly worked on general ambulation and transfers with Physical Therapy and Daily Living Skills with Occupational Therapy.

As he improved, he would be discharged from therapy and as the need arose…he would be placed back on Therapy again. Over the course of his stay, he battled fluctuating oxygen saturation levels, lethargy, and stints of generalized muscle weakness. He was placed on supplemental oxygen to support his breathing patterns, especially during therapy. Vincent was known in our community as a fighter, eager, and willing to do whatever was needed to ensure that he would be able to return home safe and healthy to his family.

Due to the visitation restrictions placed on skilled nursing facilities across the country due to COVID-19, our team was dedicated to keeping Vincent’s loving wife and family updated with not only his status but with overall community updates.

Eventually, we were able to begin decreasing his need for supplemental oxygen – a monumental accomplishment as we were beginning to see tangible and inspiring progress.

We began to see him improve not only in health but in mood and affect day-by-day. Vincent shared words of encouragement with our team, often offering phrases like, ‘’The amazing staff here are getting me through this.”

As his progress continued, Vincent was visited daily by our Concierge, Yehuda. Yehuda would often check-in with a friendly smile and “Hello!” Vincent was also visited by our therapeutic recreation team often for opportunities for engagement and leisure. He enjoyed their visits and found great value and appreciation in the team’s willingness to personalize his stay.

After a long and hard-fought journey, Vincent not only reached his goals but surpassed them, exponentially. Vincent’s recovery has and will continue to serve as a model of inspiration for others who may be feeling down or unable to reach their healing goals. Vincent, we are SO proud of you, and we wanted to thank you for reaffirming our “why.”