Patients Age: 98-years-old
Admission Date: 06/30/20
Admitted From: Good Samaritan Hospital
Discharge Date: 08/06/20
Length of Stay: 37 days
Reason for Stay: Pneumonia

Details of experience:
Freda Garvey is a 98-year-old who came to our community from Good Samaritan Hospital after treatment for Pneumonia. She has a past medical history of Dysphasia, Aspiration, Atrial Fibrillation, Hypertension, and Arthritis. She lived alone in her own apartment and wished to return there after discharge.

Upon arrival to our community, Freda was greeted by our Concierge, Yehuda. He helped her settle into her room and adjust to her new settings. Directly afterwards, she was introduced to our nursing team and given a thorough nursing evaluation. They reviewed her medication regimen with her and answered all her questions.  She was then introduced to the Rehabilitation staff. The Occupational, Physical, Speech, and Respiratory Therapist evaluated her current condition and formed a plan to help her return home.

With all the plans and goals formed, the rehabilitation team started working with Freda. She came to us on supplemental oxygen, which was new for her. Since she never had it at home, the Respiratory team’s goal was to wean her off the oxygen if possible. It started with first weaning her slowly down while at rest to see if she could hold safe levels. On room air, Freda was able safely to hold her oxygen levels for extended periods of time with no complaints of shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. Since she was able to handle room air at rest, the Respiratory Therapist started working alongside the Physical Therapist to start doing physical activity on room air. The Physical therapist did weighted leg exercises to help build up her strength and activity tolerance. She was able to complete all these exercises on room air while maintaining safe oxygen levels. She moved up to doing standing and walking activities on room air. She was able to maintain safe levels while standing and ambulation exercises, and could tolerate increases in intensity and duration of standing and walking exercises. Due to her progress, she was able to tolerate room air for longer periods of time. She eventually moved up to being able to go without the supplemental completely and the weaning goals were reached.

The next challenge for Freda was her recurrent aspiration pneumonia. The Speech Therapist started her off on a modified diet, with a goal to work her toward regular consistency of foods. The Speech Therapist worked with her daily, doing exercises and observations to help work toward her goal. As Freda progressed, she was able to change the consistency of her diet and eventually move her back to regular solids and liquids.

Freda progressed in all aspects of her Therapy and was able to discharge home. The team at The Willows wished Freda all the best on her continued journey.