Patients Age: 72-years-old
Admission Date: 10/30/20
Admitted From: UM Hospital Discharge
Discharge Date: 12/23/20
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 54 days
Reason for Stay: Fractured vertebrae
How did the patient hear of Palmetto Subacute Care Center? Previous patient

Details of Experience:
Mrs. Lopez arrived at Palmetto from UM Hospital on October 30th, 2020 with a diagnosis of a closed fracture of the 7th thoracic vertebrae. She resides in a 3rd-floor apartment and was able to ambulate with a rolling walker and perform ADLs with limited assistance.

Upon Mrs. Lopez’s arrival, she was greeted by the Concierge, Marialcira, and provided Palmetto’s beautiful gift bag. Additionally, the Concierge supported the patient to ensure the transition to our community was smooth and pleasurable. Ms. Lopez was also greeted by the nursing team and therapist to ensure she was comfortable, and her needs were met.

At the first evaluation with the rehabilitation department, the team established a treatment plan to improve her functional mobility skills, strength, and balance. Mrs. Lopez required moderate assistance with most of her ADLs. She was only able to ambulate 5 feet with a rolling walker and maximum assistance. She set her goals with the team and started her journey with us.
To facilitate return to her prior level of function, the patient required physical and occupational therapy to promote safety awareness, enhance rehab potential, increase functional activity tolerance, strength and increase her independence with ADLs to improve her quality of life.

After days of hard work with the Rehabilitation Team, Mrs. Lopez was able to increase her capacity to ambulate with a rolling walker to 150 feet and stand by assistance, and safely performed her ADLs from moderate assistance to stand by assistance. She had consistent progress towards reaching all the goals established by her and our team, anticipating her return safely to her home environment.
Mrs. Lopez was discharged on December 23rd. She was very happy and grateful to return to her home in time to enjoy holidays with her family…completely recovered.

The Palmetto family wishes her the best!