Patient’s Age: 75-years-old
Admission Date: 11/14/20
Admitted From: Mount Sinai Hospital
Discharge Date: 01/07/21
Discharge to: Home
Length-of-stay: 55 days
Reason for Stay: Lower back pain due to fall
How did this patient hear about The Grand Pavilion: Linda was here back in 2016 and chose Grand Pavilion as her first option.

Details of Experience:
Mrs. L. Smith was admitted to Mount Sinai Hospital on November 12th, 2020 due to a fall at home that led to lower back pain. She was then admitted to The Grand Pavilion on November 14th. Upon her arrival to The Grand Pavilion, Mrs. Smith was welcomed and made comfortable by members of The Grand Pavilion including the concierge, nursing, rehab, and social work teams. This was not Mrs. Smith’s first stay at The Grand Pavilion, she was a resident here in 2016 and was delighted to come back here to get better and stronger to be able to return home safely.

The patient was greeted and evaluated by the dedicated therapy team where it was determined that Mrs. Smith was in the need of intense physical and occupational therapy. Due to her fall, the patient had decreased performance with ADLs (activities of daily living). Mrs. Smith presented with lower back pain limiting her ability to stand for prolonged periods. It was the staff’s pleasure to work alongside this determined, self-motivated patient, who strived to reach her goals.

As she worked very hard to reach her goals, it was to no one’s surprise that she was enjoying great progress. After a short time working consistently with her therapists, she was able to ambulate 75 ft. with assistance. During her concierge evaluation. Mrs. Smith shared that: “There was a member of the maintenance team that I call my Guardian Angel. When I first arrived on the third floor I was beside myself. This gentleman, Denver, talked to me until I could relax”.

As Mrs. Smith worked diligently, it was wonderful to share in her progress. Mrs. Smith very much appreciated all the staff that cared for her and went out of her way to thank her rehab therapists, Sofia, Rebecca, Debbie, Serena, and Olga for always taking care of her needs and making her feel comfortable. The Grand Pavilion is delighted that she is returning home safely.

The Grand Pavilion team sends well wishes to Mrs. L. Smith.