Patient’s Age: 76-years-old
Initial Admission Date: 11/16/20
Admission (re-entry) Date: 10/16/2020
Admitted From: Morristown Medical Center
Discharge Date: 12/13/20
Reason for Stay: Elevated INR, venous stasis
How did this patient hear about Chatham Hills? Granddaughter is on staff at Chatham Hills

Details of Experience:
Leroy dedicated his life to helping others, along with his wife. He served as a police officer for Chatham Borough and his wife as a nurse for Morristown Medical Center. After both retired, they dedicated their lives to helping each other. With nursing experience, Leroy’s wife helped him tremendously at home. One day, however, he experienced such severe pain and he needed further help. With a history of health complications in the last year, Morristown Medical was ready to assist.

After being cared for at Morristown Medical, Leroy was recommended to pursue subacute rehabilitation to further assist in his healing process. When given a choice of rehabs to choose from, Leroy, his wife, and his daughter knew they wanted him to go to Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center, where his granddaughter Kathleen is the Director of Concierge Services.

Upon admission to Chatham Hills, he was welcomed by the admission and nursing teams, and he shared that at home he could not ambulate for several months due to his osteoarthritis and was dependent for most ADLs-(Activities of Daily Living). The therapists created a set of goals for him to achieve while he was in the community. The focus of therapy was strengthening and practicing transferring.

Leroy was very motivated to begin his journey in therapy, especially with his granddaughter cheering him on. He participated in therapy five to six days a week. Upon therapy evaluation, he was completely dependent on staff for transfers, presenting with increased weakness and suffering from a right hip wound. He was unable to transfer even with assistance, so his therapists tried another way of transferring, the sliding board. The sliding board method was much easier for him, especially considering his wounds.

While receiving nursing and therapy care at Chatham Hills, he also received special wound care from the same nurse practitioner who treated him in the hospital. As time continued, his nurse practitioner reported how well he was healing! He was able to put more effort into his exercising without that pain. His therapists were so proud of him, as they watched him successfully use the sliding board with set-up assistance.

Once he met most of his goals, therapy continued to work with him to maintain his strength and keep him active in preparation to discharge home. Leroy has a wonderful support system with his family, and he was excited to return home to his beautiful wife! Leroy shared, “The therapy team at Chatham Hills worked very hard with me. I have not walked in months but with them, I was able to conquer what I could! My advice to anyone going to Chatham Hills is to not be afraid, as long as you listen to your therapists. They will get you through anything! We love the concierge, and she will always come through!”

Team Chatham Hills is so proud of Leroy’s commitment and motivation to get to the point of strength that he was at upon discharge! Congratulations to him and his family!