Patient’s Age: 69-years-old
Admission Date: 01/04/21
Admitted From: Sumner County Regional Medical Center
Discharge Date: 12/31/20
Discharged To: Home with assistance from family
Length of Stay: 3 weeks
Reason for Stay: Multifocal pneumonia
How did this patient hear about Gallatin Center for Rehabilitation and Healing? The patient heard about the facility during discharge planning

Details of Experience:
Mrs. Hann arrived at the Gallatin Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on January 4, 2021, from the Sumner County Regional Hospital in Gallatin, Tn. On December 16, 2020, Mrs. Hann was at home when she noticed that she was having difficulty breathing. She called her daughter and told her she was having trouble breathing. Her daughter went to her house and realized that Mrs. Hann was in respiratory distress. Her daughter called EMS and the ambulance took Mrs. Hann to the Macon County hospital. She was then transferred to the Sumner Regional Medical Center so that clinicians could assess her for treatment. After arriving at the ER at the Sumner Regional Hospital, she was assessed by their clinicians and her respiratory distress due to multifocal pneumonia. She was taken to the OR and intubated.

On December 23rd, she was extubated, placed on BiPAP, and monitored for changes. Mrs. Hann was able to follow commands, but it was limited due to her current condition and being sedated. When asked, she could squeeze both hands and wiggle both feet. On December 29th, Mrs. Hann was ready for inpatient therapy and participated in bed mobility during her treatment sessions and required moderate to maximum assistance to roll side to side in the bed. She participated in strengthening, balance, and endurance interventions for safe increases in independence with self-care tasks and functional mobility to prepare her for the next level of therapy. The therapy team at the Sumner County Medical Center felt that Mrs. Hann would benefit from further skilled care before returning home upon discharge from the hospital to return to independent living. She was admitted to Gallatin Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on January 4, 2021.

Upon admission, Mrs. Hann was welcomed by the Unit Manager, Social Service Director, Recreation Director, and other members of the interdisciplinary team to assess her condition and make sure her specific needs were met. Mrs. Hann was evaluated by the Therapy Department and formed goals with the therapists to help her achieve her goal of going back home independently. When she first arrived at the community, she was still very weak and required assistance with most of her functional tasks. On January 6th, she needed moderate to maximum assistance with her bathing tasks and was able to stand with support for 1 to 3 minutes. She also was able to walk with minimum assistance for 10 feet. Mrs. Hann shared that she was ready to run and the therapists assured her that she would be able to run when the time was right. She worked on strengthening and balance during her treatment sessions and shared that she loved Robert to death because he motivated her during their sessions without being pushy. “Everyone at the facility is awesome,” Mrs. Hann stated. She also shared that she had a great experience with the staff and Shannon was extra helpful to her.

After continuing with the hard work, Mrs. Hann showed progress by walking with standby assistance 100 feet on January 11th and required minimum assistance with her bathing tasks on January 12th. Her hard work was paying off and she could see how far she had come from the starting line. With determination, she made even more progress towards her goal and walked 200 feet with setting up, and was able to complete her bathing tasks with set up on January 18th! In just two weeks she was able to increase the distance she could walk by about 190 feet! It was coming close to the time for Mrs. Hann to discharge home, and her plan was to go home with her daughter for a couple of days and back home to be independent. The caseworker set up home health services to help with the transition from the Gallatin Center back into the community.

On January 21, 2021, Mrs. Hann prepared to discharge home. The Director of Concierge services spoke with her at discharge and Mrs. Hann shared that it had been a tearful morning and some of the nursing staff had come in earlier to see her because they didn’t want to miss her before she left. Mrs. Hann stated “I was amazed at a lot of what I have done. It’s been a struggle and I didn’t think I would be able to walk again.” Through perseverance, Mrs. Hann has reached her goals in record time and has shown us what a superhero looks like. She shared that the first thing she wants to do when she gets home is lay across her bed, enjoy her Lazy Boy rocker recliner and catch up on some of her favorite television shows.

The Gallatin Center for Rehabilitation and Healing would love to congratulate Mrs. Deborah Hann for her dedication, motivation, and positive attitude and we are so glad she was able to share her experience with us in our community.