Patients Age: 70-years-old
Admission Date: 12/17/20
Admitted From: Coney Island Hospital
Discharge Date: 02/05/21
Discharge To: Home
Length of Stay: 2 months
Reason for Stay: Weak from Covid
How did this patient hear about The Chateau at Brooklyn Rehabilitation and Nursing Center? The Social Worker at Coney Island Hospital

Details of experience:
Miss Barbara was admitted to The Chateau At Brooklyn Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on December 17, 2020. Prior to being transferred to The Chateau, Barbara was admitted to Coney Island Hospital, as she was unable to walk. When she arrived at the hospital, she was told that these concerns might be from a bout with Covid. Her test had come back positive and she was unaware. After three weeks of hospitalization, Barbara was getting back to normal. Her doctor explained she would require short-term rehabilitation prior to going home. The social worker in the hospital informed her about the Chateau and together with her boyfriend, the decision was made for her to be transferred.

When Miss Barbara arrived at The Chateau, she was a bit nervous about the whole experience. This was her first time in any rehab and she was questioning how she was going to be able to take care of herself. She doubted if she would ever be able to walk by herself, again. But shortly after she arrived and saw the beautiful room and all the staff coming to greet her, she was a little relieved, which helped her calm down and to start this process.

After a few weeks of participating in rigorous rehabilitation therapy, Miss Barbara was able to get out of bed on her own, and slowly but surely improve her activities of daily living and take care of her needs independently. After graduating out of her wheelchair and on to her rollator, she was very excited to be walking on her own.

Throughout her stay Barbara was pleased with our staff and how they cared for her, “If not for the therapist, I would not have been able to walk again. My physical therapist Dee Gonzalez was amazing”.