Short Term Rehabilitation Following Cellulitis, Weight Loss, and Fall Risks

Concierge: Jean Marie Albert
Patient Age: 56 years old
Admitted From: Ascension Saint Thomas Midtown
Admission Date: 02/24/21
Discharge Date: Pending
Discharge Destination: Home
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation
How patient heard about Creekside Center for Rehabilitation and Healing? Hospital Referral

Details of Experience:
How has the pandemic changed your life? Each of us has been affected in different ways. Some, like Jeffrey, have suffered a tremendous loss. Early in the pandemic, he lost his job as a chef, and mere months later, he was forced to cope with the passing of his wife due to COVID. The circumstances led to his isolation and a sedentary lifestyle. An extreme loss of strength followed, which left him confined to his bed. Eventually, he could not walk without falling, and he lost sixty pounds in three months. Realizing his critical state, his brother encouraged him to seek medical attention.

Upon emergency room examination, doctors discovered Jeffrey had cellulitis, which required the administration of IV antibiotics, and an open area to his hip caused by a fall was treated. Depressive symptoms began to be addressed as an underlying cause of his situation. His hospital stay consisted of approximately three weeks. Still, ongoing therapy and medical oversight were deemed necessary. The case manager subsequently offered options. Mr. Jeffrey agreed to transfer for continued care and rehabilitation to Creekside Center.

As soon as Jeffrey arrived at Creekside Center, he was welcomed by the friendly nursing staff and his concierge, who served him according to his needs and preferences. Nurses assessed the wound on his hip, which was noted to be extensive, or stage three, and required a wound care consultation and treatment plan. Attending physician and nurse practitioners evaluated the effectiveness of medications for all medical issues, adjusting as needed. He began occupational and physical therapy with goals set to stand and ambulate safely, increase activity tolerance and be independent with activities of daily living.

Since his initial evaluation, Jeffery has improved drastically in all areas. After receiving expert wound care, his open area to his hip has healed. Activity tolerance is no longer a concern. He walks long distances with modified independence. A renewed outlook on life and a willingness to be healthier and continue to exercise are bonuses he received. He thanks his physical therapy assistant for encouragement in this area. His mindset has changed, and he realizes, “You must take care of yourself.” And “no matter what, you can’t sit around and feel sorry for yourself.” Also, “sometimes you may need help, and that’s ok.” His favorite pastime is playing bingo, the Price is Right, and one-on-one visits with staff. His overall experience was “way better than I expected!”

Jeffery is awaiting discharge plans to be completed and will return to a private residence. He intends to go back to working as a chef. As he stated in a five-star Google review, “Thanks for helping me get back on my feet!” He asked to share this praise with the team and convey his plan to bring the staff some homemade lasagna!

The team looks forward to hearing of his continued success and thank him for allowing them to highlight his story.