Concierge Director: Antwan Brown
Patient’s Age: 66 years old
Admission Date: 1/3/21
Admitted From: St. Francis Hospital
Discharge Date: 3/23/21
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: Two Months
How Did the Patient Hear About Glengariff? A family friend was here in the past and recommended the

Details of Experience:
When working in a nursing home/rehabilitation community, it is always an amazing and rewarding feeling meeting someone, watching their progress from day one, and a bittersweet feeling when we can see them leave and continue their continued journey back to normalcy. This was exactly the case when it came to Mr. Mike Drapan. We would like to thank him for his willing participation in this case study. When he first arrived from St. Francis Hospital on January 3rd, 2021, he was greeted by the concierge, along with the receptionist. He came to Glengariff because of a slip and fall and needed support to walk by himself again, both emotionally and physically. He needed to trust in his caregivers in preparation for an independent lifestyle. After entering through the lobby, he began the trip to his room, where he was warmly welcomed by Admissions, Nursing, and Social Work.

Mr. Drapan was extremely surprised by the friendly presentation of the staff along with the wonderful atmosphere. Mr. Drapan also shared he was relieved to see clean hallways and his room ready when he arrived. We understood transitions are not the easiest and can be quite overwhelming, so the team helps the resident get settled in. He met with his dietitian and his social worker to discuss plans and goals the resident wanted to accomplish. Mr. Drapan said he wanted to be able to walk up to his stairs, which he has outside his home, by himself and be able to take care of his normal morning routines (including using the restroom, showering, and getting dressed). These may seem like easy tasks, but after experiencing a major surgery like Mr. Drapan, it is understandable the patient would want to have the experience of accomplishing such tasks before talking about long-term goals.

A care plan meeting was set up for Mr. Drapan within the first 24 hours of his arrival. After meeting with the nursing supervisor, social worker, inhouse dietitian, and the clinical team on his floor, along with a staff member from Recreation and physical therapy, the team could assess Mr. Drapan’s opportunities for rehabilitation. Upon admission, the patient had limited mobility from the waist down and difficulty lifting his arms due to an issue with his rotator cuffs. He assured the team that he will be a passionate rehabilitation patient and would try his best to do what the team requested of him to get him back on his feet. A goal was set for 2-3 weeks post-admission of walking a total of 25 feet. This goal was shattered in the third week, with Mr. Drapan walking a total of 40 feet with assistance!

Over the course of his stay, he made amazing improvements, including walking 50 feet with assistance! At the end of his 6th week, he was already at 80 ft! His drive, he says, comes from his profession of being a corrections officer at Rikers Island for 30+ years and always having to be on his toes and motivated to get the job done.

Approaching the end of the 7th week here and beginning the 8th week, the patient was getting closer to his projected discharge date. Mr. Drapan was still making amazing progress and was able to walk close to 90 ft with minimal assistance and to use our in-house car transfers with no concerns. The only concern Mr. Drapan communicated to the team was how upset he was going to be after leaving because he had become such good friends with three of the residents on his assigned unit. They would take turns asking the Concierge team to run out to Dunkin’ to grab each of them a coffee and their preferred dessert, which the team was more than happy to accommodate. The week before discharge, Mr. Drapan was able to walk 75 ft with no assistance and 100 with minimal assistance. The team was honored knowing they were able to make a difference and knowing he was leaving stronger and more independent than when he arrived.

On the day of discharge, a member of the nursing team met with the resident, and the concierge escorted the patient and his belongings to the lobby. Mr. Drappan insisted on stopping by to see all his favorite team members along with friends, ensuring they all have each other’s phone numbers to keep in contact.

It was a pleasure having Mr. Drapan at Glengariff! The team wishes Mr. Drapan the very best of luck on his continued journey.