Orthopedic Rehabilitation Following Hip Replacement Repair Surgery

Director of Concierge: Garrott Iannelli
Patient’s Name: Mike B.
Patient’s Age: 66 years old
Admission Date: 3/1/21
Admitted From: Skyline Medical Center
Discharge Date: 3/18/21
Reason for Stay: Hip replacement broken

Details of Experience:
After being a sailboat captain for 25 years in Florida, Mr. B sold his sailboat on Lake Erie and retired his seat. Now, he travels around the country in an RV that he calls his “Land Yacht.”  Unfortunately, Mr. B had a double hip replacement, and after about ten years, one of the replacements broke, bringing him to Skyline Medical Center to fix his hip replacement. Mr. B. needed to walk to get around his motorhome and continue working and traveling. To recover, the doctors mentioned that he should plan to go to a skilled nursing facility, which is how he found us here at Green Hills Center.

Upon arrival, Mr. B thought that the facility was nice and clean, significant to him. He enjoyed his room and felt very comfortable right from the get-go. He was thrilled when he saw he had a room to himself because he wants his privacy. He was greeted by many smiling faces through activities and nursing and settled in quickly, ready to work with therapy. The staff treated him well and got him what he needed when he asked.

His primary focus was to walk on the hip through therapy. He was very determined and worked very hard with the therapy team at Green Hills, saying they all did an outstanding job. Mr. B particularly enjoyed his time with Kris, a PTA here. “They were all really good,” Mr. B said. He made a full recovery through hard work and determination and was discharged from therapy, walking around without assistance!

 Mr. B. plans to return to work at a KOA campground and continue traveling in his motorhome. He is very appreciative of the work that the staff of Green Hills Center did for him to get him back to where he wants to be. Green Hills is happy to say that he is up walking around again and, on his way, back to work!

Everyone at Green Hills Center wishes him the best on his journeys and is so happy to have been able to help him on his recovery journey!