Short Term Rehabilitation Following Fall, Hemorrhage, and Altered Mental Status

Concierge: Moshe Wachs
Patient age: 63 years old
Admission Date: 12/02/20
Admitted From: Burke Rehabilitation Hospital
Discharge Date: 03/12/21
Length of Stay: 42 Days
How did the patient hear about The Enclave at Rye? Recommendation from his doctor.
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation following a stroke.

Details of Experience:
Willie was admitted to The Enclave at Rye Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on December 2nd, 2020, from Burke Rehabilitation Hospital. Willie was at home and started to feel light-headed, resulting in him falling and hitting his head against the wall. Willie was found to have a right thalamic hemorrhage at the hospital, with lateral and third ventricular extension. His hospital course was complicated by altered mental status (AMS) and chest pain. The Enclave at Rye was recommended to Willie by his doctor at the hospital for rehabilitation.

Upon arrival, Willie was greeted and evaluated by the interdisciplinary team, including nursing, rehabilitation, dietary, social services, concierge, and recreation departments. Within 24 hours of Willie’s arrival, the team created a personalized treatment plan. Willie would benefit from physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Upon evaluation from the Occupational Therapists, Willie was found to require maximum assistance for most activities of daily living (ADL’s) and functional mobility, and he needed maximum assistance to maintain standing balance. A personalized treatment was created to address all ADL’s.

Goals for his physical therapy were created to address his standing, transferring, walking, and ascending/descending steps. His short-term goals were to improve his standing balance and to walk 50 feet with maximum assistance. His long-term goals were to ascend and descend 15 steps and ambulate 350 feet.

The nursing department kept a close eye on Willies pain management, enabling him to maximize his time in therapy. Willie loved to order from the always available menu, and the chef loved going the extra mile to accommodate him. Willie loved to strike up a conversation with the nursing staff and the concierge, and he enjoyed the movies and the social hour provided by the recreation department. After one month here, Willie was progressing rapidly. He was able to take care of all his ADLs with minimum assistance, standing balance without support, and ambulate 100 feet with a rolling walker.

When Willie was ready for discharge, he was transferring independently and able to ascend/descend more than 15 steps with no physical assistance and walking with a walker over 250 feet. He was able to complete all ADL’s independently.

On March 12th, Willie walked out of The Enclave with renewed strength and independence. His confidence in his physical independence was at a new high!