Concierge: Jean Marie Albert
Patient Age: 72
Admitted From: Skyline Medical Center
Admission Date: 2/23/21
Discharge Date: Pending
Discharge Destination: Home
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation
How patient heard about Creekside Center for Rehabilitation and Healing? Hospital Referral

Details of Experience:
One slip on an icy stair changed everything for Brenda Hart. Suddenly, she was experiencing a high level of pain and realized that her leg was strangely positioned.  After being transported to the ER by ambulance, images were obtained that revealed a displaced, spiral femoral (left leg) fracture. After consulting an orthopedic surgeon, surgery was scheduled immediately. During her hospital stay, other medical issues developed that required intervention. Lab results indicated the need for a blood transfusion and regulation of blood sugar. She began working with therapy, but it was apparent that continued physical and occupational therapy would be necessary. Therefore, once Ms. Hart was declared medically stable, she was transferred to the short-term rehabilitation center of her choice.  

Upon arrival at Creekside Center, she was greeted by welcoming staff, eager to meet her needs and make her transition as comfortable as possible. Accustomed to being totally independent, Ms. Hart was a long way from her norm.  She required extensive assistance with all aspects of activities of daily living and mobility. The therapy staff determined her goal was to return to her prior level of independence and started on the road to help her accomplish just that. Initially, she was only allowed to bear partial weight on her left leg. This created added limitations and challenges. The nursing department worked closely with physician’s services to make any needed medication adjustments. The wound care nurse treated surgical incisions to the left hip and lateral thigh until completely healed.  

In between therapy sessions, the patient maintained communication with her friends and continues to work diligently to complete her crocheting projects.  During visits with her concierge, Ms. Brenda often spoke about the exceptional care and attention she was receiving from staff members. Also, she appreciated the accommodation of her food preferences and the offering of a variety of snacks. When asked how she has maintained a positive mindset, she gave partial credit to her mom’s teaching…“you can do anything you set your mind to.”  She has many supportive friends, and that made a difference. According to her testimony, she gave the majority of the credit for accomplishments to the “outstanding and passionate” therapy team. Their strong encouragement, daily compliments, and ongoing teaching and support have made the most difference.    

Currently, Ms. Hart has successfully gained independence in all daily activities! She is able to safely stand, transfer and walk up to 100 feet with modified independence. Her weight-bearing status is as tolerated, and she is now working on overcoming stairs. Her discharge plan is to return home with the services of home health. Before long, she intends to resume her camping trip schedule. Ms. Brenda’s words to staff are, “Thank you for your kindness and patience and playing such a big part in my healing process and rehabilitation.” The Creekside Center team is thankful for the privilege of assisting such an amazing lady in her recovery.

What a joy and inspiration she has been! We wish her the very best!