Concierge Director: Antwan Brown
Patient’s Age: 83 years old
Admission Date: 3/24/21
Admitted From: Long Island Jewish Hospital
Discharge Date: 4/4/21
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 46 days
Reason for Stay: Extreme pain in hip and lower back from previous surgery.
How Did the Patient Hear About Glengariff? A family member was here in the past.

Details of Experience:
When Mr. Stanley Bridgeman arrived at Glengariff, the team couldn’t help but notice his huge smile and friendly nature, despite his condition. He was always willing to keep the ball moving forward and allow the staff to guide him in the right direction to discharge. When we asked him for his participation in this case study, he didn’t have anything to say but yes. Arriving late in the afternoon on 3/24/21, Mr. Bridgeman was greeted by the community receptionist, a member of the concierge team, along with Directors of Social Work and Nursing, all before he got on the elevator to go to his room. He was excited to see friendly faces along with the “extravagant” fish tank greeting him upon arrival. Shortly after he arrived in his room, he was introduced to his Physical Therapist, Dietitian, along with a member of Social Work, so they could all come together and create a care plan for his continued journey to better health. When he was settled in, a member of Recreation Therapy came in to discuss his likes, dislikes, and other interests. We made sure he could also participate in other activities, along with his Physical Therapy. Mr. Bridgeman came to the community because of extreme pain in his hip along with pain in his lower back.  He was wary about certain activities, along with getting right into physical therapy, but after his first night here and discussing his care plan with the team, he became happy and enthusiastic.

Mr. Bridgeman shared with the team that he was a teacher by profession. He loved giving back to the community and being highly driven by helping kids better their current situation and planning for the future. It was with this in mind the team helped Mr. Bridgeman get back on his feet and plan for his return to normal everyday living. During his evaluations, it was discovered that he was not able to walk 5 feet without difficulty or help. However, he was not going to let that hinder him from progression. Within a week, Mr. Bridgeman was up to 20 feet with assistance! (which was no surprise given his drive and enthusiasm).  He also wanted to get back to traveling, but not taking more than a few steps without needing help or needing to sit down was standing in his way of doing both.

Two weeks into his stay with us, Mr. Bridgeman was still letting the team steer him in the right direction, and he was still highly driven. By the time he reached the end of his second week, he was ambulating 20 feet. He still needed some assistance, but it was a steady progression that both the team and Mr. Bridgeman were happy to see. Going into the third week, he ambulated 35 feet, and at the end of his third week, he ambulated 50 feet. His back pain had subsided due to vigorous workouts and constant attention from the nursing staff along with the PT/OT department. When he got to the middle of his fourth week, he was ambulating up to 75 feet with minimal assistance and a short break in between.

Nearing his discharge date, he was making everyone a little upset because he would be leaving soon but extremely happy because of the progress he made! Mr. Bridgeman was walking up to 75 feet with no assistance and 90 with minimal assistance and a small beak in between.

The team at Glengariff wishes Mr. Bridgeman all the best on his continued journey.