Concierge Director: Jennifer Clayton 
Patient’s Age: 66 years old
Admission Date: 3/19/21
Discharge Date: 4/20/21
Length of Stay: 32 days
Reason for Stay: Acute Toxic Encephalopathy and Rheumatoid Arthritis
How did this patient hear about Manchester Center for Rehabilitation and Healing? Hospital Referral

Details of Experience:
Ms. Janes was admitted to Manchester Center on March 19th from StoneCrest Medical Center, Smyrna, Tennessee. Ms. Janes was greeted by many of our team members: Nursing, Concierge, Rehabilitation Services, and many of our Administrative team. 

When our therapy team evaluated her, it was noticed that she needed significant assistance with all ADLS (Activities of daily living). She was walking less than 100 ft at a time. Ms. Janes worked with Physical and occupational therapists for about a month. 

Upon discharge, she was able to walk unlimited distances with her walker. Ms. Janes was so happy with the care and support she received here at Manchester Center.  Ms. Janes, Manchester Center wishes you well!