Concierge: Benzion Orgel
Patient’s Name: Eileen Ochart
Admission Date: 3/19/21
Admitted From: Westchester Hospital
Discharge Date: 4/10/21
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 32 days
Reason for Stay: Rehab, post-hospital stay for fractured ribs
How did this patient hear about Sans Souci? Social Worker at the hospital.

Details of Experience:
On March 19, 2021, Ms. Eileen Ochart was admitted to beautiful Sans Souci with a diagnosis of spontaneous hemothorax, which is the extraction of fluid in the chest section; as well as fractured ribs on Ms. Ochart’s left side after experiencing a bronchitis episode, which is basically persistent coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath.

The Sans Souci team welcomed Ms. Ochart and made sure she had a smooth admission process. Ms. Ochart was visited by our wonderful Rehab Team, including our physical therapist and occupational therapist. At that time, they assessed Ms. Ochart and created a plan with long-term goals.

Upon Admission, Ms. Ochart was weak and was continuously coughing and wheezing. She was unable to climb stairs and was hardly able to sit or stand by herself, and only able to walk 100 feet, at best. The patient’s goals were to successfully and independently be able to perform bed mobility tasks, to complete sit to stand transfers including all variety of moving in and out of chair settings, to ambulate 200 feet without using any additional help or assistance, and to ascend and descend stairs with assistance of railing.  Ms. Ochart was determined and self-driven; she was excited to begin immediately. Taking her lead and wasting no time, the Rehab Team began therapy the very next day.

Unfortunately, week two arrived, and Ms. Ochart was tested positive for Covid 19. The news was a setback for Ms. Ochart and the staff at the same time. Being positive meant the Rehab Team only had so much they were able to do together with the patient. It was extremely difficult. To make matters worse, since rehab was somewhat put to a hold, Ms. Ochart’s mobility began to decline from walking 100 feet to only being able to walk 60 feet, much the same with her bed mobility.

Those 14 isolation days were tough but eventually came to an end. With no time to waste, Ms. Ochart, just like when she was first admitted, was determined and driven to continue, and so the Rehab Team and Ms. Ochart did. Ms. Ochart kept progressing, from 50 feet to 75 feet, and she kept climbing and climbing. The Rehab team was very happy with Ms. Ochart’s progress and began talking and planning with Ms. Ochart for her discharge date. Together, they decided on April 19, 2021. In the days leading up to discharge, Ms. Ochart was doing phenomenally. She was able to sit and stand up by herself, walk and even climb stairs by herself. April 19 arrived, and Ms. Ochart was discharged home. 

Upon Discharge, the patient was successfully and independently able to perform bed mobility tasks, complete sit-to-stand transfers, which include getting in and out of chair settings, and independently ambulate unlimited distance without using any additional help or assistance.  Ms. Ochart was successfully and safely able to ascend and descend stairs with the aid of railing up to 15 steps.

As our team at Sans Souci always does post-discharge, we followed up with Ms. Ochart and were pleased to hear that she is doing great and was thankful for her incredible experience with us at Sans Souci!